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New Twitter Files Bombshell: Massive Media Fraud on An Unimaginable Scale, Silence the Masses At All Costs

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Published on: January 28, 2023

“Real people need to know they’ve been unilaterally labeled Russian stooges without evidence or recourse.” -Twitter Executive Yoel Roth

Just like Facistbook, Twitter had great potential for the people.  Instead, because they, like Fascistbook and the rest, allowed for the lawless alphabet government agencies to use those platforms to target dissidents and they are still doing it despite what is revealed and who is in charge.  Don’t think otherwise.

Take a look at some of this.

Hey Dennis, we were told we were peddling Russian disinformation years ago, which was total nonsense.  The real disseminators of disinformation are those behind Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google and the Mockingbird media in all its aspects.  The fact is that they accuse you of the very crimes and treason they are committing themselves.

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