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New York Buses Must Run ‘Muslim’ Ads

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Published on: October 12, 2015

The courts are playing fast and loose with our First Amendment rights…again. Having been in the middle of the free-speech fight now for the better part of 10 years, I can tell you that we are witnessing nothing less than the shredding of our most important and foundational constitutional right.

A federal judge, on Wednesday, ordered New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority to run a series of dishonest advertisements promoting Islamic agitprop in the subway.

A little background: Earlier this year, the NYC MTA lost when my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, or AFDI, sued them for refusing to run our ads that were designed to increase public awareness of the jihad threat. In response to our victory, and determined that nothing go up in their system that would offend delicate Muslim sensitivities, the MTA banned all political and issue-related ads and refused to run our ads.

Well, even though our ads were designed to raise awareness of the jihad threat, and the ban was designed solely to prevent our ads from running, the Muslims in New York City who produced the propaganda film “The Muslims Are Coming!” weren’t having any of that. This was because, under the new ban, they were prohibited from running their ads as well. And so they sued to get around the ban and get their propaganda up on NYC’s MTA systems, claiming that their ad, and the movie it was advertising, weren’t political.

Make no mistake. “The Muslims Are Coming!” ad is political. This “movie” is nothing but agitprop for Islam under the guise of – you guessed it – making lame jokes about “Islamophobia.” If that’s comic, no one is laughing.

Nonetheless, the Muslims sued. And last week they won (of course), which shows how utterly corrupt the system is. A federal judge last Wednesday ordered the MTA to allow these dissemblers to run a series of advertisements promoting their film in the subway.

And no, “The Muslims Are Coming!” is not a film about the current invasion of Europe. It’s political propaganda, a long diatribe about “Islamophobia,” despite the obvious advantages of their status as Muslims in America today.

“The Muslims Are Coming!” poster campaign was a response to AFDI ads. So their ads can run, but ours can’t? This is exactly why the First Amendment was enshrined in our Constitution – because who would decide what’s good and what’s forbidden? Shariah-compliant judges?

Where do these fascist fat cats think they are, banning speech that reflects the point of view they oppose? Do they think they’re in Nazi Germany? The reckless and authoritarian Charles Moerdler, leader of the MTA board that implemented the ban last April, invoked Nazi Germany to enact the same restrictions on free speech that let to Nazi Germany’s murderous reign.

Public service ads are allowed, and our ads are the embodiment of the public service ad. What could be more serviceable than saving your life?

And meanwhile, the New York and national media’s narrative on this reads like al Jazeera. While the mainstream media routinely smear our ads and us as “anti-Muslim,” the media rushes to praise the purveyors of the “Islamophobia” myth, which is designed to intimidate people into thinking there is something wrong with opposing jihad terror. Jonathan Stempel wrote fawningly in Reuters that “ads for ‘The Muslims Are Coming!’ contained what filmmakers Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah considered tongue-in-cheek statements such as ‘The Ugly Truth About Muslims: Muslims have great frittata recipes’ and ‘Those Terrorists Are All Nutjobs,’ with ‘nutjobs’ replacing the crossed off ‘Muslim’ to be ‘more accurate.'”

I am glad they won. You can bet we will be back in court. The idea that our ad cannot run and “The Muslims Are Coming” ad can is highly discriminatory and prejudicial. Please contribute to the fight.

Shariah in action.


Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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