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New York: Homeless Man Attacks 6-Year-Old Boy – Put Him In The Hospital

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Published on: October 12, 2019

I wouldn’t expect the major networks to be featuring this story anytime soon, despite its importance.


It doesn’t fit their narrative when a homeless thug attacks a child, unless the homeless man is white and the child is not.

Here’s more from New York’s CBS affiliate:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Prayers are pouring in for a 6-year-old still in the hospital tonight after being viciously attacked by a homeless person in Queens Thursday.

It happened just before 5 p.m. and was unprovoked.

The boy was slammed into the ground in the driveway. His heartbroken father spoke with CBS2’s Lisa Rozner, telling her the boy is slowly recovering after being placed in intensive care with severe head trauma.

Police say the suspect – Laurance Gendreau – is emotionally disturbed. The 35-year-old faces multiple charges, including assault and harassment. Gendreau has a long criminal history, including a bench warrant out for his arrest.

“I don’t wish that upon anybody. It’s not normal,”the victim’s father Yaakov Portnoy told Rozner. Portnoy, of East Meadow, Long Island, is struggling to fathom that his son’s visit to his grandfather in Kew Gardens turned into a nightmare.

Just before 5 p.m., the 6-year-old, whose name we are withholding, was outside with his 10-year-old brother waiting for pizza, when police say Gendreau approached.

“I was told that he picked him up in the air and threw him down into the ground and he banged his head fairly badly,” said Portnoy. “He has two fractures in his skull, collapsed lung.”

Surveillance video show Gendreau shirtless walking two blocks away down Metropolitan Avenue. Trailing behind him is the boy’s grandfather, who was on the phone with 911. Moments later, police arrested Gendreau.

Police say earlier yesterday afternoon, Gendreau was on nearby Union Turnpike and Austin Street, where he allegedly snatched an iPad from an 87-year-old woman and ran off.

But records show Gendreau shouldn’t have been on the street at all. In January, he allegedly had an argument with employees at a Popeye’s restaurant on Lexington Avenue and 26th Street in Manhattan and he threw a chair, inadvertently hitting a 72-year-old woman.

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Here’s a video, which includes an interview with the father of the child.

Just another case of failed liberal policies creating a culture of homeless thugs.

When Homeless People Attack…

Not all homeless people are criminals and the majority are probably not.

But there are some, like Gendreau who could easily be cured of his homelessness with some prison time.

Actually, in Bakersfield, California they are one step ahead with that idea.

Throwing all homeless people in prison is not an answer, but in liberal America, it seems like a better alternative than the disastrous messes they are creating.

The real criminals are the liberal politicians that create the rampant homelessness in their cities and states.

People don’t need handouts.

They need skills that will allow them to elevate themselves.

Stop trying to give away so many fish and start teaching people to fish.

Liberals need to stop taxing hard-working Americans into homelessness and concentrate on inspiring and teaching impoverished people to make themselves more valuable in the marketplace.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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