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The Next Perverse Movement Being Born in New Mexico

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Published on: August 11, 2016

Individual psychiatrists have claimed that all men dream of sleeping with their mother. They give this as the reason that men chose women similar to the mother in features and personality. This has been disproved a multitude of times, but now, we have a couple that has sworn to fight for just this kind of relationship.

Breitbart reports:

A recently reunited mother and son in New Mexico are under scrutiny by authorities for having a sexual relationship, but the pair insists they are in love and should be allowed to indulge their incestuous affair.

Monica Mares gave birth to Caleb Peterson 19 years ago and quickly gave him up for adoption. But recently the two reunited, and Mares says they’ve fallen in love and want to be considered a couple despite facing 18 months in jail if found guilty of incest.

It is not bad enough that they are having sexual relations with one another, they are also claiming that they are in love. But is this not the same song and dance we hear every time? Anytime there is a perverse relationship, the people involved justify it by emotion and sexual attraction.

And they claim not to care what is done to them. They refuse to give up the inappropriate relationship.

Breitbart continues:

But now the two want to become activists for “genetic sexual attraction” and want to argue that their relationship, and others like it, should be considered perfectly normal.

Is this the birth of a new movement? The sodomite and transgender movements have opened the door to any and all forms of perversion, just as they promised it would not. What can the government do now that they have opened up marriage to personal definitions?

When we leave the mooring of God’s word, we have no safe harbor for which to sail.

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