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Nobel & Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Toni Morrison Wants to “See a Cop Shoot a White Unarmed Teenager in the Back”

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Published on: April 22, 2015

Out of the mouths of true racists come true stupidity. A case in point is Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison. The 84-year-old Morrison, who was presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Obama in 2012, told The Telegraph, “People keep saying, ‘we need to have a conversation about race.’ This is the conversation. I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back. And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman. Then when you ask me, ‘Is it over?’, I will say yes.”

Morrison didn’t mention what the race of the cop had to be to shoot a “white unarmed teenager,” so race shouldn’t matter. She evidently has not heard of Dillon Taylor – a 20 year old “white/Hispanic”male shot by a black police officer in Salt Lake City, Utah not long after the Ferguson incident involving Michael Brown. It isn’t any wonder she didn’t hear about it since lamestream media didn’t warrant the shooting of an unarmed white teenager as newsworthy.

Morrison also missed the case of Gilbert Collar – an 18 year old “white” male shot by University of South Alabama officers when he appeared outside the station naked and “acting erratically,” according to the officer. Of course, living in New York, Morrison would not have heard about something that happened down here in the South where “white supremacy” supposedly reigns.

Maybe these incidents don’t qualify in Morrison’s mind, as the officer didn’t indiscriminately shoot these individuals in the back just to shoot them in the back.

It’s obvious that Morrison has no clue about some of the white inmates that are housed in America’s prisons. As someone who has worked in the prison system, I can tell you that there are white males that have been convicted of the rape of black victims, male and female, that are now incarcerated.

So now that Morrison’s criteria have been met, will she now say it is over? Hardly, since she continued with her views in the interview with the Telegraph.

“Race is the classification of a species. And we are the human race, period. But the other thing – the hostility, the racism – is the money maker. And it also has some emotional satisfaction for people who need it.

Morrison suggested that slavery “moved this country closer to the economy of industrialized Europe, far in advance of what it would have been.” Continuing on, Morrison stated, “They don’t stop and frisk on Wall Street, which is where they should really go.”

As a former teacher at Princeton, Morrison used to tell her students to put little stock in “pursuits advertised in the Constitution” saying, “This world is interesting and difficult. Happiness? Don’t settle for that.”

According to Morrison, the “hostility, the racism” is an avenue to make money with an aside bonus of providing emotional satisfaction for those who need it. And just who is making money off of “racism, hostility, and emotional satisfaction?” It is none other than Al “Race-baiter” Sharpton. The problem with trying to obtain “emotional satisfaction” is there is never enough “anything” that can satisfy emotions.

Yes, we all know slavery in the US was terrible and it was corrected over 150 years ago. In fact, aren’t some of the history books written (obvious revisionism) to reflect that the “great” Civil War was over slavery? Of course, since slavery was the “emotional satisfactory” reason when the issues involved centered on States’ rights and the money from the agricultural South. Evidently, this country suffering a civil war supposedly over “just slavery” has not given some people enough emotional satisfaction, shamed the South enough, embarrassed whites enough or left a big enough mark against this country.

However, the issue was not just slavery, which is why states today are reticent to do their constitutional duty against an over-reaching federal government; plus, states have been bribed into submission through federal dollars stolen from the American public.

Morrison should focus her attention on countries where slavery continues to be the norm and individuals suffer untold atrocities that are smoothed over and covered up routinely.

She also should know that any “stop and frisk policy” is unconstitutional and in violation of individual God-given rights. Everyone should protest these atrocities for all citizens of this nation instead of referring the unconstitutional practice to another area of the city. Wall Street is never the less filled with criminals; but, they should be dealt with according to due process of law.

One would think a teacher at Princeton would know what is in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Maybe the reporter was confused – who knows. The Declaration of Independence cited the “pursuit of happiness” as a God-given unalienable right, which is to be able to direct our own lives by deciding what is best for ourselves and our families without interference from others. The Constitution of the united States of America limits the central government from infringing on those rights. So, Morrison, in effect, told students not to “settle” for being able to direct their own lives without interference from others.

I wonder if Morrison told them what they should strive for?

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