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The Norming of Jihad – Garnier’s Submission to Islam

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Published on: August 18, 2014

A recent article from [al]-Reuters waxes poetic about jihadist savages engaging in social media, twitter banter and the coolness of jihad. This is the low state of the world. The return of the primitive.

Consider, if you will, Reuters’ bullying of Israel: its vicious, fallacious coverage of a country defending herself from a savage, existential threat, and juxtapose it to this romanticized view of beheaders and torturers.

“The jihadist calling himself Abdullah,” wrote Reuters reporter Peter Apps, “caused a brief stir on the Internet this week – but not, to his disappointment, because of his backing for Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. Instead, his comments posted on Twitter over the death of U.S. actor Robin Williams went viral, prompting a blizzard of facetious questions about his film tastes.”

This ridiculous media swarm started in the U.K. It was, said a report at Breitbart News, “a new low for BBC ‘journalism,'” when “Britain’s public broadcaster tried to interview a known ISIS fighter on Twitter about the Robin Williams film ‘Jumanji.’ Setting aside that using the death of Robin Williams to try and open a channel with a jihadist is a new low for the organization, it doesn’t even look like the BBC producer got his scoop.” Producer Sam Judah tweeted at him: “Hello, would you be happy to speak to BBC News about Jumanji?”

Urbane monsters. Look at the soft sell, the reframing of barbarians. In any and all of the media coverage of my work (or that of my colleagues), was I ever given such … respect? Or anything remotely close to this kind of treatment? And why? Because I oppose jihad and Shariah. This is how the enemedia impacts the culture. Cultural jihad – and it’s working. Look at America. She is faltering, badly.

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Sharia shines forth in her books

And the U.K. is even worse: It is like watching a massive train wreck in slow motion. As the Brits rush to appease and accommodate Muslims in every way they can, including banning non-Muslims from movie theaters, it’s only natural that they would also descend into the vilest Jew-hatred, reminiscent of the Nazis they fought against so fiercely in World War II. The Jerusalem Post recently reported that Tesco, Britain’s largest supermarket chain, has decided to stop selling Israeli products, “saying that in the case of Israeli dates packaged under its own label it had decided to stop selling them in September ‘for commercial reasons.'” The Islamization of the U.K. is now approaching dizzying speed. I cannot imagine that it will be recognizable in five to 10 years.

And it’s not just the U.K. The cultural jihad is everywhere. Al Arabiya reported that “cosmetics giant Garnier has issued an apology after it came under fire following a Facebook post showing members of the Israeli army posing with packages of the company’s products was shared more than 22 thousand times … ‘The hand-out of about 500 products was part of a local retailer initiative … managed strictly at local market level’ Kari Kerr, Garnier’s corporate communications director, told the IBT. ‘We are very sorry if anyone was offended,’ Ms Kerr added.”

The world trembles before savages. Would the owners of Garnier stand by while jihadists rained rockets on their homes, or schools, or cities?

The idea that Jews are somehow not allowed to defend themselves is part of an Islamic Jew-hating narrative. Can no one stand up? Can no one remember what the phrase “Never again” actually means?

I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty: My family and I will never buy Garnier products again. Lily livered cowards.

They were afraid of a boycott? Well, now they have certainly made sure that there will be one. Anyone who will not defend a nation’s right to exist and defend its people does not deserve to succeed.

The savages welcomed the apology. Of course! Submission. It’s a near-universal impulse these days, as more and more of the businesses and institutions of the West kowtow before savages and glamorize jihadis. This leads in only one direction – toward catastrophe.

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