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North Carolina: Former Cop Posed As Federal Agent, Invaded Family’s Home, Held Them Hostage While Robbing Them

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Published on: August 25, 2021

Forsyth County, NC — A former Lexington police officer and State Trooper is in jail this week after he was accused of conducting an armed home invasion in which 7 people were held hostage as he and another man robbed them. The pair committed the offense while allegedly posing as federal officers.

Former trooper Freddie Wayne Huff II, 41, stands charged with seven counts of felony kidnaping, felony robbery with a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor impersonating a law enforcement officer. He is currently being held on a massive $700,000 bail.

According to police, Huff and another man dressed up as federal officers and raided a home in Winston-Salem. The incident unfolded on May 28,2021 as police were called out to reports of a robbery.

Huff and his accomplice, Rahain Deriggs, 27, held the family hostage while ransacking their belongings. When police showed up, the two men were gone and a subsequent investigation ensued.

According to police, the men left with “multiple valuable items from the residence.”

As the investigation unfolded, police connected the robbery to a location in a nearby county and identified Huff and Deriggs as suspect. A search warrant was obtained for the former officer’s home during which they found all the items that were reported stolen.

The thieving home invaders had stolen firearms, jewelry and money, according to police. Both Huff and Deriggs were taken into custody without incident. Deriggs faces the same charges as his counterpart.

According to local media at The Dispatch, Huff served as a highway patrol trooper and a Lexington police officer before he was fired for an unrelated incident. According to the report, Huff was caught selling state-issued gear on eBay and fired for lying during the internal affairs investigation into the matter.

Prior to being arrested for the home invasion and hostage incident, Huff was arrested as part of a series of large-scale drug trafficking investigations over the past few months, according to a news release.

The Winston-Salem Journal reports that in February, task force detectives received information about a drug-trafficking organization distributing large quantities of cocaine in Forsyth County and surrounding areas, the task force said. The task force then worked with Homeland Security Investigations and the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office in a narcotics probe.

According to reports, Huff was charged with felony cocaine trafficking. State records indicate that Huff and his wife owned Immersion Enterprises, LLC that was listed as a freight shipping trucking company. It is unknown as to whether or not the freight company was implicated in the cocaine trafficking conspiracy.

“These arrests are a true testament to synergy, to the fact that we are both better and stronger when we work together,” Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough Jr. said. “These times in which we live in, no city, no county is an island. Together we are better, stronger and safer.

Had Huff not been caught selling stolen department issued gear on eBay, rest assured that he would still be a cop and he would still be corrupt. Luckily, however, he was caught and weeded out — but thanks to the tendency of power and authority to corrupt, countless others remain.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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