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North Carolina Republican Party Headquarters Firebombed!

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Published on: October 17, 2016

North Carolina is likely to be one of the more heated contests of the coming election. In most of the current polls, Hillary Clinton has a slim lead, but it’s not just the presidential contest that looks to be coming down to the wire. The races for the Senate, and for who will lead the state as Governor for the next four years, are also tight, and citizens in North Carolina are starting to feel the heat… literally.

Earlier today, the Republican Party headquarters in Orange County were defaced with graffiti and firebombed!

Hillsborough police say that someone threw a bottle of flammable liquid through the front window of the Orange Country Republican headquarters, doing major damage to the building. On the outside, the criminal perpetrators also took the time to warn the Republicans that there could be more trouble in store for them. Graffiti scrawled on the side of the building demanded that the “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else”! Police are investigating the incident, but as of yet are not reporting on any leads on who may have committed the terrible acts that, fortunately, did not hurt anyone.

“The office itself is a total loss,” said Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of state GOP. “The only thing important to us is that nobody was killed, and they very well could have been.”

The Real Clear Politics (RCP) average of polls says that Donald Trump is currently about 3-points behind Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, meaning that the Tar Heel state will continue to be the center of the political world for the next few weeks. As Election Day draws nearer, the state will be inundated with political advertising from both the left and the right, and there is no doubt that locals will eventually be praying for the end of the race.

It doesn’t help that the race for two other important elected offices is similarly tight.

In the race to represent North Carolina in the Senate, Republican incumbent Richard Burr has a slim lead over his Democrat opponent, Deborah Ross. Again, the RCP poll of polls tells us that the race will come down to the wire as Burr currently leads by less than 2-points!

Meanwhile, in the race for Governor incumbent Pat McRory (R-NC) finds himself trailing his opponent, Democrat Roy Cooper, by 4-points in the RCP poll of polls; however in the most recent poll (and the only one done in the last 2 weeks), McRory only trails by 1-point.

All of these facts point to one sure thing… the people of North Carolina are about to spend the next three weeks immersed in political advertising from every angle. Let’s hope the violence that reared its ugly head on Sunday is a one-time event; but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see similar attempts at intimidation as Election Day draws closer.

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