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Not on My Watch!

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Published on: May 22, 2015

Upon the completion of my book Not on My Watch!, America finds herself still chugging along on the train of “fundamental transformation.” As a result of the Ferguson incident, the Obama Administration has moved to nationalize local police forces. This is truly an alarming development, as anyone who has any true knowledge of history knows where this will lead. 

Unfortunately, the division created by this administration has done its job, and very few are paying attention to the consequences of a liberal education system left unchecked. Thanks to the conditioning methods described in this book, students are literally unable to question what they are being taught, and feel compelled to sit quietly out of a fear of being singled out.

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I remember sitting through many discussions about “white privilege” and asking my professor what the possible consequences of teaching this reverse racism could be.

To me, it was obvious that the ground work was being laid for the justification of what we are now witnessing in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore. This feeling was reinforced by fellow students who believed that they were indeed being oppressed by a society dominated by white men. I had heard on several occasions that the election of our first black president was hardly enough, and that a great deal more had to be done to make things right.

The country is sitting on the edge of its seat in anticipation of what promises to be a summer filled with racial tensions, as President Obama seems intent on keeping anger focused on the police. Unfortunately, the only thing being accomplished is the reinforcement of a stereotype they claim to want to be rid of. Obama, and others on the left, like Al Sharpton, are deliberately stoking the flames of racial hatred and as a result, they are doing nothing but creating criminals and destroying opportunity. 

I have always wanted to believe that the ideals of liberty were something that would, in the end, unite Americans of all walks of life. I wanted to believe that whether we were black or white, Hispanic or Asian, we would see that we lived in a special place that provided us the freedom to be what we thought we were capable of being. After all, let’s face facts; no one is trying to escape the United States because she is an oppressive nation. On the contrary, people from around the world have risked a great deal for the opportunity to be the masters of their own lives, free of government control.

The Left has broken the human will to the point of dependency and, as a result, our lower natures can now be appealed to. Think about that a moment. The Left, in the Darwinist worldview, has attempted to teach us that we are not capable, and that we need someone “enlightened” to govern our daily affairs. As a result, the goals of ideological subversion have been realized; we as a society have lost the will to stand in the face of adversity. 

Everything that we are experiencing in America is an all-out assault on the free will of mankind. Our free will is a gift given to us by God. Without it we will lose connection to Him. Remember, one of Karl Marx‘s stated goals in the Communist Manifesto was the destruction of God in the minds of men. What we are engaged in is a spiritual war for the heart and soul of man, my friends. If this generation doesn’t stand to take our nation back, it is highly unlikely the preceding generations will be able to.

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