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Oath Keepers Descend on Ferguson

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Published on: August 11, 2015

With the renewed uprising in Ferguson taking place, an unexpected, but welcomed thing took place. Member of the Oath Keepers arrived on the scene… and they were heavily armed.

Jon Swaine of The Guardian reported on their arrival via Twitter.

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Oath Keepers have shown up in Ferguson with assault rifles. Protesters led by @TefPoe telling them to get away.

— Jon Swaine (@jonswaine) August 11, 2015

Clearly, Jon is not familiar with what an assault rifle is, but nevertheless he was aware of their presence. So were protesters.

The Hill reported:

At least five individuals were spotted wearing bulletproof vests and openly carrying “assault weapons,” St. Louis Public Radio reported. They claimed to be providing protection for an InfoWars journalist covering the event.

Protesters attempted to distance themselves from the Oath Keepers and push them back, while St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar referred to their presence as “both unnecessary and inflammatory.”

Some 23 people were arrested during Monday night’s protests; no Oath Keepers are believed to be among them.

It appears many in the crowd didn’t know that law regarding the Oath Keepers open carrying their weapons.

NBC reported:

The St. Louis County Police Department said it would consult with the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorneys Office about the legalities of the issue.

Missouri allows individuals with concealed weapons permits to openly display firearms, unless it is done in an “angry or threatening manner.”

Shawn McGuire, a spokesman for St. Louis County Police, said he did not believe officers had confronted the Oath Keepers or told to leave.

“We do not know who sent them,” he added.

The Oath Keepers are a group of former military, police and first responders who have taken an oath to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

The men who came to Ferguson are simply attempting to follow the Constitution, which does not allow for the police or the military to put down insurrections, but rather the militia. This is why understanding what the Constitution says and what it doesn’t is a necessity when it comes to these matters, and it seems the Oath Keepers are attempting to follow it.

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