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Obama Admin Ignored Proper Procedure In Vetting Illegal Immigrants Ties To Terrorism

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Published on: January 18, 2018

This is par for the course from a Marxist usurper and an administration that welcomed Islamic terror-tied organizations, including a designated terror group, as well as domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers into the people’s White House.

The latest revelations come in the form of a 20-page report from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for Homeland Security in an investigation of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The OIG discovered that ICE was not following proper procedures for vetting illegal aliens to see if they were, in fact, terrorists.

According to the audit, between 2013 and 2015, ICE failed to follow proper procedure to determine if illegal aliens they released were terrorists.  The report was so devastatingly bad for the administration that every instance of the 40 out of 142 cases reviewed by ICE of illegal aliens that were detained and identified as “known or suspected terrorists” was filled with errors.

“All 40 files had at least one instance of noncompliance with KSTEP policy, generating greater concerns regarding the population of aliens screened and determined to have no connections to terrorism,” the inspector general wrote.

And people still say Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah was not a national security threat!

If that wasn’t bad enough, the OIG also found that ICE didn’t have access to Homeland Security’s classified networks, which enables them to “communicate about derogatory information related to known or suspected terrorists.”

How can this be?  Homeland Security has been established, needlessly I might add, since just after 9-11-2001.  ICE has been around far longer.  How is this still a problem as we are pushing towards two decades of this agency?

“As a result, ERO may be missing opportunities to identify, take into custody, communicate status of, and make decisions on those aliens who pose the highest risk to national security and public safety,” the report stated.

“ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) faces challenges in implementing the Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounter Protocol (KSTEP) screening process, which is used to identify aliens who may be known or suspected terrorists,” the inspector general added. “Although ERO uses KSTEP to screen all aliens who are in ICE custody, ERO policy does not require continued screening of the approximately 2.37 million aliens when released and under ICE supervision.”

Well, making excuses for putting the country and individual citizens at risk is not an answer.  Why is no one being charged in this matter?  Is this not a crime of negligence in some capacity?  I’m just curious here.

Additionally, of the 40 cases reviewed by the inspector general, nearly half of them were missing a required background check of the illegal while he was being detained.

“ERO is to conduct separate biographic and biometric queries on every alien taken into custody and/or released,” wrote the inspector general. “However, in these instances, at least one of the required queries was either run by non-ERO personnel, was not performed while the subject was in ICE custody, or was not applied.”

Keep that in mind the next time that you hear the outcries for more background checks of law-abiding American citizens who have a right, not permission from government, to keep and bear arms.

ICE blames some of these instances on  “limited program oversight and weak management controls.”  However, understand that ICE is also pointing out that this is continuing under the Trump administration.

According to the report, ICE has identified “at least 19 more cases since January 2016 when field personnel did not transmit the required incident reports to ICE headquarters.”

The OIG provided four recommendations to the Assistant Director of ICE ERO field Operations, none of which seem, in this writer’s opinion, to fix the actual problems here.

Here’s the recommendations.

  1. Expand the Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounter Protocol (KSTEP) policy’s scope to require periodic screening of aliens on the non-detained docket.
  2. Immediately correct the limitations and challenges identified with KSTEP by ensuring that ERO offices have the infrastructure necessary to communicate on known or suspected terrorists.
  3. Immediately correct the limitations and challenges identified by performing a resource assessment to determine how many additional officers they need to allocate resources that will ensure periodic Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounter Protocol screening of aliens on the non-detained docket.
  4. Strengthen internal controls as part of a comprehensive quality control program to achieve more effective Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounter Protocol oversight and implementation.  This quality control program should include, among other elements –
  • clear oversight responsibilities within ERO;
  • performance measures and goals; and
  • record keeping requirements

OK, aren’t those things contained in the “proper procedures” that ICE violated and didn’t follow properly?  The American people were obviously paying salaries for agents, their superiors and others who were clearly not doing their jobs.  Why were they not fired?  That happens in the real world, you know.

While the report does confirm things we already knew were going on in the Obama administration, it also brings up the question of what was going on under Republican President George W. Bush, as well, seeing as ICE claims it didn’t have the proper tools to do the job.

Also, since this is still going on under the Trump administration, is this report not recommending an expansion of government when it recommends ” additional officers”?

Somehow, I’m finding it hard to buy into the fact that ICE needs more agents if they were not accomplishing the tasks they were given to do in the first place and that was not due to a lack of agents, but a lack of following proper procedure.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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