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Obama-Appointed Judge: 14th Amendment Gives Muslim Migrants Right o Invade America

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Published on: June 8, 2023

Biden recently suggested that the final clause of the 14th amendment gives him the right to print as much money as he pleases while over in New York, an Obama judge claimed that the first clause gives Muslim migrants the right to invade any part of New York that they please.

Judge Nelson S. Roman, a clownish Obama appointee, ruled in favor of an ACLU lawsuit on behalf of Sidi Mouhamed Deide, Adama Sy, Abdallahi Salem, and Mouhamed Said Maloum Din filed against counties in upstate New York that were preventing New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams from dumping illegal alien migrants there.

Roman spent the hearings ranting that the attempt to keep hotels from becoming migrant shelters were “Jim Crow” and issued a ruling falsely claiming that the fourteenth amendment protects the rights of migrant invaders to go anywhere they please in the country they invaded and thus also that local governments may not interfere with any resettling project.

Of course, this makes the efforts by Dems in Texas and California to go after Florida Gov. DeSantis for flying migrants tricky, but it’s not as if lefties are bound to any interpretation of the law other than whatever is convenient at any given time.

Roman’s order is obviously illegal, ignorant and an assertion of the shameless political bias he displayed during the hearings, ranting that it smells “like a Jim Crow law − not that I’m saying it is”.

But Román grew increasingly irritated during his colloquy with the Rockland attorneys, to the point where he started yelling at Feiden.

After Feiden noted “the potential for harm” and “the potential for mayhem” that would ensue if the hundreds of asylum seekers were allowed to reside at a Rockland County hotel, Román fired back, “Do you get a sense for what this sounds like?”

But Feiden insisted that “we don’t want the city imposing their problems on Rockland County.”

But let’s take Roman’s order at face value.

If any attempt at restraining or controlling migrants is a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, then any immigration laws of any kind are unconstitutional.

Why should someone who hops over the border be treated any differently than an American citizen?

Presto, there’s no more immigration law enforcement, no more border and nothing but a mass invasion.

That is apparently what Judge Roman and his party want.

The Fourteenth Amendment and the Constitution are not suicide pacts. The clause that Roman is abusing was there to protect freed slaves, not to maintain open borders.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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