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Obama Bears Some Responsibility for the Oregon Massacre

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Published on: October 7, 2015

Almost before the bodies of the Umpqua Community College shooting victims were cold, Barack Obama was lecturing the American people: “We collectively are answerable to the families who lost loved ones.”

Obama seethed like a child. (The people have told Obama to pound sand every time he’s tried to exploit a tragedy and install gun control.)

This Marxist doesn’t care about the shooting victims. But he knows that as long as we are armed, he can’t assert total control over us.

Obama made the leap that the American people are responsible for the Oregon massacre, but that conclusion more readily applies to him. Obama is the one who must be made answerable to the families who’ve lost loved ones.

First of all, Umpqua Community College is a “gun-free zone.” That means killers can freely roam the campus seeking prey, while law-abiding teachers and students are vulnerable. Obama supports these zones, so his policies bear responsibility for the climate that led to this killing.

The same is true in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut and others, like the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard and Chattanooga Marine Recruiting Center shootings. Obama supports policies that even disarm our soldiers!

Remember the “Fast and Furious” scandal, in which Obama and Eric Holder allowed guns to fall into the hands of Mexican gangs, resulting in the deaths of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and more than 200 Mexicans? You are answerable to Brian Terry’s family, Mr. President, and the families of these people.

And remember Kathryn Steinle, who was walking along the Embarcadero in San Francisco with her father when she was senselessly gunned down by an illegal alien who had already been deported multiple times? San Francisco is a “sanctuary city,” a practice Obama’s Justice Department has never tried to stop. Yet God help a city (Murrieta, California) or state (Arizona) that tries to uphold the immigration policies on the books. You are answerable, Mr. President, to the family of Kathryn Steinle, and the numerous other families who’ve lost loved ones to illegal-alien killers.

What about the routine killing of young black men by other young black men in places like Chicago – with strict gun control that Obama supports – which over a recent four-day period racked up eight dead and 60 wounded? It’s time we ask ourselves, “Just how many Americans are being killed by gun control?”

How many of our veterans have had their gun rights taken away by your administration, Mr. President? They were fit to use guns in defense of this country, but now they’re unfit?

How many Social Security recipients have lost their right to use firearms because of you? What will you say to their family members after some get killed because they can’t defend themselves?

You’ve never spoken about how many potential mass shootings have been thwarted by Americans with personally owned firearms, Mr. President. Why not?

You know that arming security guards and teachers makes sense, but you also know that if we instituted these measures, you would have fewer tragedies to exploit.

Witnesses said the Oregon killer made his victims stand and say if they were Christians. They were helpless, as the school’s one security guard was armed – with mace! Can you imagine your children in that vulnerable position? This is the kind of helplessness Obama wants for America, especially Christians. The killer told the students who admitted they were Christians, “Good, you’ll see God in a second,” before shooting them in the head. Did you mention that at your press conference, Mr. President?

Obama has done everything in his power to destroy the traditional family (the foundation of well-adjusted children), while celebrating deviancy. We remember when you bathed the White House in rainbow lights.

Your preferences are clear to all. They show in who gets invited to the White House –racist demagogues, the Muslim Brotherhood – even Black Lives Matter activists. You even sent a White House delegation to the funeral of thug Michael Brown.

You’ve rarely promoted bringing fathers back into the family. And yet, the linkage of broken homes to many social ills is clear to see.

And the linkage of fatherless homes to mass shootings is just as clear.

I’m sure you know that the Oregon shooter had no father in the home, that a neighbor reported angry shouting matches between him and his mother, and that she routinely called the 26-year-old man “baby.” See any problems there? You didn’t mention that, and what a difference it would make to see fathers reunite with their families. It would get in the way of your political agenda, though, wouldn’t it?

One politician did talk sense after the tragedy. Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said, “I would encourage my fellow Christians who are serious about their faith to think about getting a handgun carry permit.”

I would not say, Mr. President, that you are directly responsible for the Oregon massacre. Only the killer is. What I can answer, though, is the question of who is more “answerable” for the Oregon massacre: the American people or you. Mr. President, you win that one hands down.

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