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Obama Covers for Islam to the Point that He Can’t use the word “Islamic” to categorize ISIS

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Published on: September 6, 2014

The Muslim-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama is such an Islamic sympathizer (and I have yet to see him renounce Islam), that he cannot even use the term “Islamic” to identify the Muslims moving through Syria and Iraq. Keep in mind these are the same Islamists that his administration helped fund and arm with the help of Republicans and Democrats in Congress with your tax dollars. Many of those who have been killed are Christian brothers and sisters.

In a recent panel discussion, Charles Krauthammer blasted Barack Obama’s lack of ability to speak out against the terrorism in the name of Islam as “Islamic.”

Appearing on Fox News’ ‘Special Report,’ he said, “What’s striking to me is that the UAE is not afraid to say ‘Islamic extremism.’ The president is! He called it ‘extremism’ — in fact, earlier in the show you showed our counterterrorism, our top guy, called Olson. And he said, ‘ISIS now is looking to outpace al-Qaida as the leader of the global extremist movement.'”

“He cannot bring himself to say ‘Islamic!'” Krauthammer added. “For God’s sake, ISIS calls itself the Islamic State. And yet we are so politically correct we don’t want to use the term ‘Islamic,’ lest it be a slur on a great religion.”

OK, let’s stop there a moment. First, Islam is not a great religion. It’s a totalitarian, political ideology masked in a thin veneer of religion. It is a death, pedophile and terrorist cult, as evidenced by its founder Mohammad. There is no debate over that, even among Islamic apologists.

Krauthammer is right though, Barack Obama cannot bring himself to call Islam what it is because he agrees with Islam. Friends, if you have half a knowledge of what biblical Christianity is, then when you read Obama’s 2004 interview about his alleged “Christian faith,” then you have to come to the conclusion that he has absolutely no idea what the Christian faith is. He thinks sin is “not being true to himself” for goodness sakes! That is humanism, not Christianity!

Furthermore, as if this doesn’t get more convoluted, Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros appears alongside Bill O’Reilly to claim that Obama “has a worldview that is very anti-American” and then on the other hand, when asked about the “hard right belief” that “President Obama wants to harm America” she completely is disconnected and says, “No.”

Friends, this is a problem. How can one be “anti-American” and at the same time not want to harm America? This is the best Fox News has to offer and this is what comes out of their mouths.

Frankly, I’m more prone to identify with Krauthammer, except for a few choice words. Let me say what everyone else is thinking. We have an Islamic President. He sympathizes with Islamists across the globe. He adheres to the teachings of Islam far more than he does the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was raised an Islamist in an Islamic country!

I’ll give Tantaros credit where it is due. She was right in her comments that if you read his books and if you have looked into his past at all, you would know he is anti-American. Most people I know would consider that as being anti-Christian and anti-Constitutional, which he is, but I think Tantaros and others think he just wants us to not be the big shot on the block. He likes the perks of being in the position he is in, but he doesn’t like the ideology that allows for someone like him to achieve what he has.

In fact, if there is any question as to what Islamists think about Obama, whether weak or strong, one just has to look at comments by his Homeland Security advisor Mohamed Elibiary regarding America being and Islamic country with an Islamic compliant Constitution to notice that Elibiary recognizes the US as being under Islam because of its leader, Barack Hussein Obama. By the way, Elibiary’s tweets were celebrated by those Obama doesn’t want to identify as Islamic.

Barack Obama simply does not want to identify Islam with terrorism, and this is why he has no strategy. It isn’t because he is incompetent. It’s because it is purposeful. His entire administration has been about this. He has been outed as part of the Muslim Brotherhood and one of his foundations are tied to Islamic terrorists. His brother finances the Muslim Brotherhood and achieved tax exempt status with the help of none other than Lois lerner. Obama’s closest allies are America’s sworn enemies.

However, as pointed out by Pieder Beeli, the real question that needs to be asked to properly expose the face of Islam is “”Was Mohammad a terrorist?” Though I disagree with Beeli’s comments about Daniel Greenfield, his point is right on concerning this issue. Deal with the root and the tree will wither. 

If one raises their children to be like Mohammad, then they are raising them to be terrorists, pedophiles, thieves, murderers and idolaters. There is no way of getting around that. That is the documented history of the founder and leader of Islam.

The question for Americans is this, will you call Islam for what it is or will you submit to what liberals say it is? If the latter, then you may find yourself as several journalists have recently….having your head sawed off at the hands of Islamists who are laughing at you stupidity and naivety.

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