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Obama Desperately Tries to Save His Own Backside by Interfering in the Election

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Published on: November 7, 2016

Donald Trump is surging in the polls, and it appears he has an excellent chance to win the most important presidential election of our lifetimes.

The desperation within the Democratic Party and their candidate, Hilary Clinton, is palpable. Hillary does not inspire blacks – their most loyal constituents – so Democrats are resorting to race-baiting tactics to scare them to vote.

Barack Obama has also injected himself into this campaign to ensure that his “legacy” (Obamacare) remains intact, and to prevent a Trump administration from looking into how he has politicized the Department of Justice and is protecting Hillary.

As Trump pointed out, this is clearly a conflict of interest: The FBI is investigating Hillary Clinton, and FBI Director James Comey reports to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and she reports to Obama.

According to WikiLeaks, Obama was emailing Hillary on her private account using a pseudonym. He clearly lied about this when he told CBS that he learned about Hillary’s use of a private email account and server “the same time everybody else learned it through the news.”

And Fox News is reporting that Huma Abedin told the FBI she notified the White House every time Hillary changed her email address, to make sure that Obama’s specially secured Blackberry device would accept it. Obama is not just aware of the Clintons’ sellout of American foreign policy – he is complicit in it.

Remember, Hillary has promised to keep Loretta Lynch as attorney general. So a Hillary presidency would mean a third Obama term, which will mean more corruption and destruction of evidence that would implicate Hillary and Obama in any crimes.

Obama knows that if Trump gets in, the party’s over and justice will take its course. He’s desperately trying to save his own backside, not Hillary’s. It’s long been known that the Obamas and Clintons can’t stand each other.

Meanwhile, the corrupt mainstream media are aiding the Democrats like never before. They planted a story about an obscure paper tied to the Ku Klux Klan that’s allegedly supporting Trump. The Washington Post’s headline read: “KKK’s official newspaper supports Donald Trump for president.”

The Trump campaign immediately issued the following statement: “Mr. Trump and the campaign denounces hate in any form. This publication is repulsive and their views do not represent the tens of millions of Americans who are uniting behind our campaign.”

Nonetheless, Hillary and Obama gave choreographed speeches in key swing states trying to smear Trump with this ridiculous story.

Obama told young voters in Florida, “If you accept the support of a Klan sympathizer, the Klan, and hesitate when asked about that support, then you’ll tolerate that support when you’re in office.”

Hillary also tried to tie Trump to the Klan and white supremacists. What ever happened to, “When they go low, we go high”?

Hillary recently appeared on stage in Cleveland, Ohio, with rapper Jay Z and Beyoncé, who threw a free concert to help Hillary register voters. Though Hillary has feigned outrage over Donald Trump’s past language, Jay Z’s vulgar lyrics at the concert didn’t bother Hillary in the slightest. Apparently, Beyoncé’s anti-police and pro-Black Lives Matter music videos are OK with Hillary and the Obamas. The Obamas have had Jay Z and Beyoncé at the White House, and Beyoncé spent last Labor Day at Camp David with Michelle.

Hillary and Obama have never disavowed Black Lives Matter (which is worse than the Ku Klux Klan). Obama even invited BLM leaders to the White House.

Bill Clinton’s mentor growing up was J. William Fulbright, a former Arkansas senator and devout segregationist. Clinton gave his mentor’s eulogy, saying Fulbright lived “a life that changed our country and our world forever and for the better.” Hillary has praised Robert Byrd, the late senator from Virginia who was a high-ranking leader of the Klan.

The Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan, used it up and discarded it. And they’ll eventually do the same thing with Black Lives Matter.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are the most corrupt political couple in U.S. history. They were involved in the Whitewater real-estate scandal. Bill Clinton pardoned Mark Rich (a notorious fugitive) and received $30 million from Rich’s wife. The Clintons sold the Lincoln Bedroom. Bill pardoned the FALN (a Puerto Rican terrorist group) to help Hillary’s chances of winning a Senate seat. And now we’re learning that the Clinton Foundation admits it didn’t notify the State Department of a $1 million gift from Qatar for Bill Clinton’s birthday!

Obama has told black audiences he would take it personally if they don’t vote for Hillary. But blacks are just not into her. New polls show that the black vote for Trump is double Mitt Romney’s vote in 2012. This explains why, when responding to a Trump supporter at a Hillary rally, a rattled Obama attempted to control a Fayetteville, North Carolina, audience as if the crowd were full of schoolchildren.

The candidate who embodies hate, corruption and nastiness is Hillary Clinton. And her partner in crime is one Barack Hussein Obama. If Hillary is somehow elected president, the sellout of America will be completed. Our enemies would overrun us, and the country we love would be gone forever.

Watch the recent town hall hosted by Jesse Lee Peterson: Trump and Hillary voters clash:

Article posted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson

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