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Obama Isn’t Erring on the Side of Caution when it comes to Ebola – He’s Just Erring

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Published on: October 2, 2014

While infamous Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan remains in isolation at a Texas hospital with Ebola, health officials are now concerned about the contact with school children Duncan had while ill as well as the possibility of another individual in Dallas being infected with Ebola. Just this morning, it was reported a possible case of Ebola is now being investigated in Hawaii. Despite the dangers of Ebola reaching epidemic proportion in the US, the government refuses to place a ban on travel to and from Ebola stricken areas. Instead, the Conniver-in-Chief would rather rely on the “medical experts” to contain “imported epidemics.”

At an October 1 press briefing, White House spokesperson Josh Earnest rebuffed questions by reporters regarding a federal travel ban to Ebola stricken areas in Africa while relaying the president’s “confidence” in US medical experts to contain this deadly virus that has so far proven to be uncontainable.

Earnest stated, “These are the experts, they have a keen understanding of how to prevent the spread of this disease,” adding “we can stop the spread of Ebola in its tracks.”

As reported by the Daily Caller:

“What are the conditions under which the President would order or want to see travel restrictions?” asked one reporter.

“We are confident that the sophisticated medical infrastructure that exists here in the United States can prevent the wide spread of Ebola,” Earnest said.

“Doesn’t that imply that we’re willing to accept a certain number of people coming into this country who will be diagnosed and develop Ebola once they’re here?” the reporter asked.

“We live in a global world, and what we’re confident that we can do is to both protect the safety of the traveling public and … protect the broader American public by rigorously applying the kind of medical protocols that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control,” Earnest replied.

Notice the carefully chosen words used by Earnest. He did not say the US medical infrastructure can prevent the spread of Ebola; he said “wide spread” of Ebola, indicating that the government expects a certain amount of spread of this virus. Earnest has reflected the Conniver-in-Chief’s unfounded belief that the rigorous medical protocols recommended by the CDC will somehow miraculously prevent the “wide spread” of Ebola.

In my previous article, Ebola: The Truth About How Viruses Work, the CDC references cited, along with a report from Fox News, regarding Ebola contains conflicting information regarding how the virus may be transmitted. Even the CDC’s own documentation on filoviruses, the group of viruses under which Ebola is classified, does not totally rule out airborne transmission. While the CDC, health officials, news media and the government has everyone focusing on the incubation period, no one has discussed the contagion period or the possibility of an infected individual being able to transmit Ebola while being asymptomatic, like is seen with the common cold and influenza. The HIV/AIDS virus outbreak saw inaccurate information being passed along to the public in the early days before the virus was fully understood and extensive knowledge gained about it.

The truth is that health officials and “medical experts” at the CDC do not fully understand Ebola, but are making over-confident claims in the ability to contain a virus that so far has breached barriers put in place to prevent transmission among healthcare workers. No health official has addressed the possibility of mutation nor weather conditions that could hasten the spread of this deadly disease. However, the CIC has demonstrated his contentment to continue the status quo while relying on individuals who do not know all there is to know about Ebola.

The medical protocols recommended by the CDC for medical professionals regarding individuals suspected of having Ebola and those infected with Ebola can be found on their website.

These guidelines and precautions are used in the medical setting once the individual enters the system. Remember, individuals do not enter the system until they are exhibiting symptoms; and, individuals may not present to the healthcare system immediately. In the meantime, these individuals are moving about in the community possibly infecting others who may be unaware they have come in contact with an infected individual – as in the case of Thomas Eric Duncan. An infected individual can sit in the emergency room among other individuals increasing the spread of the virus. Likewise, upon initial contact with a healthcare worker, the healthcare worker may not suspect Ebola until a history is obtained. At that point, unless the worker is already wearing personal protective equipment, this individual has now been exposed. The CDC, by its own admission, has indicated the virus can be transmitted indirectly through contaminated surfaces and materials.

Even the CDC’s recommendations “will be re-evaluated and updated as needed” since their recommendations are based upon information available as of July 30, 2014. Remember, the CDC guidelines are for the healthcare setting only and “not intended to apply to persons outside the healthcare setting.” There recommendations for lay personnel can be found here.

In reading the guidelines, it is quickly deduced these are more befitting for someone who is traveling to an Ebola stricken area instead of being here in the United States. Where are the guidelines for the American citizens who are in areas with known cases of Ebola? The page referenced has not been updated since the first Ebola case was reported in Dallas. But, the CIC has announced his total confidence in the medical community to “stop the spread of Ebola in its tracks” through his mouthpiece Earnest. In order to do that, one would expect to garner the public’s assistance by updating their published guidelines for prevention to provide the general public with measures they themselves can implement in order to decrease their risk.

The refusal to implement travel restrictions in light of the possibility of an epidemic or pandemic demonstrates pure callousness, heartlessness and carelessness on the part of the Conniver-in-Chief and the rest of the government. As usual, decisions are being made that affect every American without having a full understanding or knowledge of this virus. Instead of erring on the side of caution, these entities are just erring.

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