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Obama Feeds ‘The Cult of Stupidity’

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Published on: February 20, 2015

“We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs …”

– State Department representative Marie Harf

I wonder if others found the opening statement as curious as did I; this was the State Department’s Marie Harf discussing the administration’s policy in fighting the militant Muslim group ISIS in a recent interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

It was my understanding that nations essentially did kill their way out of wars; you do enough damage to the other side (killing them and breaking their stuff), and either they give up, or the question is rendered academic.

Somewhat surprisingly, Matthews was actually dismissive of Harf’s assertion that job opportunities (no doubt via American taxpayers’ investment in the primitive toilets these people call nations) would ameliorate 1,400 years of institutionalized cultural depravity.

Harf, by the way, is not to be confused with State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who we usually get to see during the frequent State Department press briefings. Psaki typically handles the really big lies and misrepresentations – like last week, when she told reporters that “refugees” from Syria, Somalia and other war-torn majority Muslim countries who the administration is bringing into the U.S. by the thousands were “the most carefully vetted of all travelers to the United States.” These are among the same nations upon which her boss has dumped the Miracle-Gro of Islamofascism: billions in armaments and cash.

Back in November, people went absolutely nuts when a video surfaced of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber calling American voters “stupid,” but the sad fact is that there’s a segment of any population that’s going to be stupid. Among American voters, you also have those who aren’t necessarily stupid, but are so uninformed or ill-informed as to be operationally stupid, if you will.

The likelihood that these individuals will be consumers of establishment press sources (mainstream media) exclusively is a foregone conclusion. This ensures that they will be exposed only to sanitized, White House-approved versions of the coverage on terrorist activities, crafted expressly for the cult of stupidity.

In this milieu, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jen Psaki, Jonathan Gruber and so many others are perfectly comfortable making statements that would be considered incendiary or outside the realm of believability to anyone with an IQ over 60, because no one is prepared to challenge them on the propriety or veracity of such statements.

Thus, there is a vast segment of America that simply isn’t aware of this administration’s basis in Marxism and fundamentally anti-American worldview, under-the-radar executive and regulatory power grabs, material support of terrorists and criminal participation in the overthrow of governments. They also have no idea that Obama has provided unprecedented access to our government to Islamist militants for the express purpose of compromising our national security and placing the American people at grave risk.

Were this segment of our electorate – stupid though they may or may not be – suddenly made aware of these facts, we would be looking at an entirely different political landscape right now.

In response to the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians by ISIS over the weekend, the White House denounced what they called the murder of “Egyptian citizens,” rather than “Christians.” The administration’s statement, which neglected to mention the religion of the victims or the perpetrators (despite this being the latter’s stated reason for the executions) was cited with ire and great outrage by commentators of conscience, as well it should have been.

Still, it is in keeping with the administration’s ongoing contention that atrocity after atrocity by Muslim individuals and groups – which almost always reference their religious motivation – have “nothing to do with Islam,” and that these entities “are not Islamic.”

It is only through appealing to and working to perpetuate this cult of stupidity that the political left is able to advance the idea that the “great religion of Islam” has somehow been “hijacked” by retrograde or pathological individuals, when, in fact, it is this creed of ancient desert bandits, pirates and slave traders that is itself retrograde and pathological.

In what may be an oversimplification in terms: Islam never grew up. Any refined or inimitable philosophical doctrine unique to Islam has been long and thoroughly overshadowed by the compulsory religious zealotry and martial component.

With the exception of an infinitely small group of unlikely reformers (such as those in the Egyptian hierarchy of the Islamic clergy and Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi), the worldview and sympathies of most Muslims globally are more in keeping with ISIS or al-Qaida than those Muslims who wish to see Islam emerge from the seventh century.

Just this week, journalist Zvika Klein released a video on YouTube that has since gone viral. In it, Klein walks around the streets of Paris in traditional Jewish garb and secretly records the barrage of anti-Semitic threats and epithets that ensues from the Muslims he encounters. One little boy asks his hijab-clad mother: “Doesn’t he know he will be killed?”

In Paris, and in other parts of Europe, this evidences a more advanced stage of the disease that begins with the denial that is being encouraged in America by political left and, to an even greater degree, by the Obama administration.

And that disease is Islam.


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