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Obama Golf Game Forces Bride to Change Venues

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Published on: December 30, 2014

If anyone has any doubts about the depths of Barack Obama’s narcissism, the recent event in Hawaii should remove all doubt. Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue, Jr., both Army captains, were scheduled to be married at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course on Sunday, December 17th. However, they had to change their venue. One day prior to the nuptials, the couple received a phone call from the White House telling them they would need to relocate the ceremony because Obama would be playing golf on that day.

The couple had sent an invitation to the “Boy King” since they knew he would be in town. In a letter the couple received earlier that day, Obama respectfully declined the invitation; but, just hours later, the White House told them of the need to relocate because of Dear Ruler’s golf whim.

According to the groom’s sister, Jamie McCarthy, “It was kind of ironic they got the letter from them and then, within hours, they were told they had to be moved because of him. It was emotional, especially for her – she’s the bride and in less than 24 hours they had to change everything they had planned.”

Naile Brennan, manager of K Bay Catering who handled the logistics for the couple, stated that anyone planning an event at the golf course when Obama is in town is warned about the possibility of last minute shuffling. Several other locations had been made ready for the wedding and the couple ended up exchanging vows on a green lawn near the base commander’s home which offered a nice view of the 16th hole.

It has not been made clear whether or not the White House and Obama knew or would have known about the wedding at the golf course that day, according to the Daily Caller. After a reporter from Bloomberg inquired about the bungle, the bride received a personal phone call from Dear Ruler himself in which he apologized and congratulated her.

Months and months of planning, carefully choosing a location to exchange vows, engraved invitations, flowers, and decorations were, in less than 24 hours, gutted by a man child’s golf whim. Imagine having to contact every guest to inform them of a last minute venue change.

It is every bride’s nightmare to have their special day ruined in some way; but, to change an entire wedding set-up in less than 24 hours is devastating regardless of how many alternate sites were “ready to go.” The bride would not be exchanging her vows with the one she loves in the setting chosen. To add insult to injury, the venue had to be moved because of a president who cares not for the military, traditional marriage or anyone else but himself.

It’s one thing to change a venue because of unpredicted circumstances such as weather, natural disaster or a last minute problem with the venue that cannot be fixed in time; but, it is quite another to change a venue because of a child king wannabe’s whim.

The couple received a letter from the White House, signed by Obama, sending his regrets at being unable to attend their ceremony in response to an invitation by the couple. It’s perfectly clear the White House knew about the wedding and so did Obama. Instead of graciously changing golf courses or opting not to play that day so as not to disrupt someone else’s plans, this narcissistic, anti-social, thoughtless, hollow, egotistical, inconsiderate, discourteous, disrespectful, pitiful excuse for a human being much less a man decided to golf anyway then called to apologize and congratulate the couple. A more considerate president or man would have called to congratulate the couple and reassure them their plans need not be changed – he would change his plans in consideration of the importance of that day to the couple.

In this one action, Dear Ruler exposed himself as the individual many have declared him to be – an individual with pathological personality disorders. At the same time, it showed his disdain for members of the military, traditional marriage and average Americans.

Obama was right to decline as his presence would have detracted from the occasion. There would have been no way Obama could have let the bride have the spotlight. He must be the center of attention at all times.

Since the White House received an invitation for Dear Ruler to this wedding and knowing Obama would be in Hawaii on vacation, someone should have made it a point to stress that a wedding should take precedence over the “king’s” golfing whims. But, would that have really mattered if they did? Hardly, as it probably made Obama’s day to foil someone else’s months of planning for his last minute whim. If Obama was reminded about the event and a “suggestion” made to him to alter his golf location, he probably pitched a “hissy fit conniption” since no one should dare challenge the “king.” The White House, Secret Service, those surrounding Obama and Obama himself should be grateful they did not have to deal with a “bridezilla.”

Even though the bride was upset and emotional, as well she should have been, she behaved graciously, respectfully and courteously in dealing with the man who thwarted her wedding plans. Jamie McCarthy, the groom’s sister, stated it was a “wonderful talk” and made the couple’s day. Despite all the stress, on the day of her wedding she smiled as she stood alongside her new husband on her wedding day at an alternate location.

One can bet if this had been a homosexual marriage, Obama would have attended. Not only would Obama have attended, he would more than likely offered them a ride in the presidential limo or Air Force One or had the taxpayers fund a “honeymoon” – all on him of course. If Valerie Jarrett decided his attendance would not be wise, he would have graciously changed golf courses to endear himself more to the homosexual community and boost himself politically. It would be all about him and the agenda.

But, the wedding at the golf course that day was a traditional union between one man and one woman. Obama had no courtesy, respect or consideration in honoring that union. Still making things all about him and his political agenda, he forced this couple to change venues then apologized for it while congratulating them. Obama was neither sorry at disrupting their plans nor was he sincerely congratulatory. With his many personality disorders, this man lacks any sort of decent character that would include sincerity as a trait. In fact, the man probably had a Cheshire cat grin on his face while speaking to the couple by phone.

As it has often been said, “what goes around, comes around.” Poetic justice would be for one of Obama’s daughters to have to change the location of their wedding at the last minute for a sitting president on vacation who gets an itchy hankering to visit their venue that day. Changing venues at the last minute is not something any bride should have to face; however, where Obama’s daughters are concerned, their father has sown the seeds and they must reap the crop that grows from it.

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