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Obama: Gun Violence in Chicago is Republicans’ Fault

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Published on: July 8, 2015

By now, there should be a clear understanding among those who pay attention.  It is an easy pattern to discern.  When policies fail, the progressive points to his opponent.  The progressive will point to bills or laws that he has pushed and claim that they were not supported.  Now that the gun violence in Chicago has reached fictional proportions, it has to be the pro-gun Republicans’ fault.

The Daily Caller reported:

Ten people died and 52 were injured in shootings over the holiday weekend in Chicago, WGN reports.

As sad as this is, the administration has chosen these tragedies to take shots at their opponents.

The Washington Times reports:

On the shootings in Chicago, where 10 people were killed over the Independence Day holiday weekend, the White House said gun-control measures opposed by Republicans would help to stem such violence.

However, what they hope most people forget is the fact that the city of Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country.  This is the President’s city.  His henchman, Rahm Emanuel has been running the city since 2011.  The city is a hotbed of progressivism, yet is one of the most crime-ridden, violent cities in America.  But, it is those 2nd Amendment nuts that are to blame.

The Times continues:

“Eventually, it’s going to require the American people speaking up and speaking out, and making clear to Congress this is an issue that they’re going to cast a vote on,” Mr. Earnest said. “There are common sense steps that Congress can take that would — that would make our streets safer; make it harder for criminals and those who shouldn’t have guns from getting their hands on them.”

Mr. Earnest would have us believe that these measures would somehow make people decide to obey the law; that the lawless, the drug dealer, the gang member, the rapist, and the serial murderer will all decide that since they cannot kill with a gun, they will leave off the whole thing.  But what has happened in Chicago where it is virtually impossible to get a gun?

The Times added:

Chicago police increased the number of officers on the street by 30 percent over normal levels, but violence still raged. One illegal gun has been recovered every hour across the city since Friday morning, according to CNN.

What these types of laws have caused was an increase in the police state and more crime.  The issue is the social environment and the heart of these people.  They live in a state of high entitlement and government assistance.  Rather than many of these young men working, they are sitting around plotting.  They have nothing to do besides work at their lawlessness.

Besides that, there is no real punishment for these lawbreakers.  The problem is that we have left the foundation of penal law.  What does murder earn a person?  If you kill another, what is the basis for punishing you?  If there is not to be any cruel and unusual punishment, how do we determine what is cruel and unusual?  Without God’s Word, we do not know.

God’s Word has to be our unchanging standard.

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