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Obama and Holder Lied – Cops Died

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Published on: January 2, 2015

In the ongoing saga of the communist cabal currently driving policy in the White House, we have yet another instance of the most treacherous subversion in high places.

Sadly, in this instance, it is costing lives.

As reported last week by the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal news outlet, there is evidence that the Obama-Eric Holder Department of Justice was involved in funding a “community organization” linked to a controversial rap music video glorifying the murder of New York City police officers. It just so happens that two NYPD police officers were subsequently killed by ambush on Dec. 20.

The group, called Bronx Defenders, reportedly received at least $1.5 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars (in grants) from the Department of Justice, and played a prominent role in the cop-killing music video. In the wake of the murders of New York City police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos (by a self-styled rapper named Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, no less), pundits began weighing in on a possible connection between the video and the murders.

As if the DOJ weren’t scandalized enough already

This raises the question of what function the Justice Department has in subsidizing community organizations in the first place, but I am more concerned with its ironic transformation into an anti-police, anti-law enforcement law enforcement organization.

Outraged? Yes. Surprised? No.

In all honesty, how can we be surprised when everything the DOJ under Eric Holder has represented is illustrative of his long-held radical Black Nationalist beliefs. It is apparent from the rhetoric he has employed since he was confirmed that he is among the most paranoid and cynical of black Americans. America had just elected its first black president (or whatever passes for black in our society), and Holder called us a “nation of cowards” with regard to addressing issues of race. After taking actions that ought to have landed him in an orange jumpsuit, he had the temerity to whine to an audience at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network after being reminded of his contempt of Congress charge by Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) during a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee.

Unfortunately, like Barack Obama’s past, the radical and subversive backgrounds of his would-be minions were not widely shared with the American people back in 2008, or 2009 for that matter.

Most Americans don’t know that in 1970 at Columbia University, Eric Holder participated in the five-day occupation of an abandoned Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) headquarters with a group of armed black students. At the time, Holder was among the leaders of the Student Afro-American Society (SAAS), a garden variety radical Black Nationalist student group of that era.

While deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration, Holder pushed for the release of 16 violent FALN terrorists. Prior to his nomination for attorney general by Obama, he was a senior partner with the prestigious D.C. law firm Covington & Burling, which just happened to be representing more than a dozen Gitmo detainees.

There can be no doubt that Holder has been on the “America Sucks” bandwagon all of his life. Given his background, he never should have been confirmed, but then one might make the same argument vis-à-vis the election of his boss. At the time, no one on the Senate Judiciary Committee, least of all the Democrats, was eager to stand in the way of the Obama juggernaut by holding up Holder’s nomination – or risk being called racist.

Again, surprised? No. Holder’s worldview is no different than any of the key players in Obama’s inner circle; Holder has just been more vocal than most. Everything he has said and done in his official capacity is indicative of his racist mindset and that of many racist blacks: Nothing has changed since 1955, nothing will ever be sufficient to ameliorate blacks’ past suffering, and whites are genetically predisposed to racism. As far as the Constitution goes – well, that old thing was drafted by white slave owners, after all.

Tedious? You bet. But this belief system has been cultivated on the left for decades.

So, how do we tie Holder and/or Obama to the actions of the Bronx Defenders and thus the deaths of Wenjian and Ramos? Well, we really don’t have to. It is clear – whether we study the IRS nonprofit targeting scandal, the domestic spying scandal, or Holder policies such as eschewing the prosecution of black defendants when alleged victims were white – that the global modus operandi in the administration has been top-down. The deep inculcation of radicalism, racism and anti-American sentiment in Barack Obama, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder and Cabinet members past and present dictated this sort of action in the past, and preclude any conclusion other than DOJ complicity in the video funding project.

The administration’s exploitation of every racially tinged issue (and some that had little if any racial component, but were framed as such) intensified the anger and mistrust the left bred in blacks over the years; the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases were merely the most recent. Obama, Holder, and some of their more visible surrogates mobilized propagandized, paranoiac blacks, now positively convinced that these two men were cruelly murdered at the hands of racist police.

As the infection of this sabotage has spread, we witness the result: riots and police being ambushed and killed.

Yet, there is not one individual in Congress, nor in any position of prominence in the political sphere, who will call these people out for what they are: spoiled, narcissistic, 1960s communist brats, who simply followed the dictates of Saul Alinsky and a few other notable Marxists of that era while America slept. They cut their hair, got educated, put on suits and took over from within.

If we can’t even identify the enemy, what hope does America have?


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