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Obama: I’m Ignoring Immigration Laws Passed by Congress – But Congress Must Pass a Law to solve Illegal Immigration

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Published on: June 27, 2016

If you want to see hypocrisy on display and a person speaking out of both sides of their mouth in under 2 minutes, then you need to see the video of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah below, in which he comments on the Supreme Court’s deadlock over the issue of his illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty. He basically said that the decision did not affect his unlawful policies and that to solve the problem of illegal immigration, Congress would have to pass a law, which we all know, he would ignore.

Thursday’s deadlock decision of 4-4 in the Supreme Court upheld an injunction on Obama’s 2014 Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents policy. However, Obama remained defiant that the majority of illegal aliens in the country are not at risk for deportation, and that it would take Congress passing another law in order to solve the problem of illegal immigration.

In fact, though Obama said that his administration would “prioritize” some, they would not threaten others with deportation.

“Our enforcement priorities that have been laid out by Secretary Jeh Johnson at the Department of Homeland Security are pretty clear,” he said. “We prioritize criminals. We prioritize gangbangers. We prioritize folks who have just come in.”

But is this true? Consider the prioritizing that was given to the flood of illegals across the southern border in June 2014. There was such prioritizing that Homeland Security sought escorts for 65,000 illegal immigrant children in January of that year, demonstrating they were orchestrating the whole thing.

Consider the prioritizing of deporting criminals and gangbangers by this administration. This administration releases then into the US instead of deporting them.

In April, we reported that the Obama administration released an illegal alien and upon his release, killed 21-year-old Sarah Root in a drunk driving accident. In June of 2015, Michael Ware reported that in those first six months of the year, 121 murders were committed by illegal aliens the Obama administration released.

That’s not all. According to Freedom of Information Act documents obtained in early 2015, Homeland Security released into the general population of the united States 165,900 convicted criminal illegal aliens. In December 2014, I reported that another 30,862 illegal alien criminals were released into our neighborhoods by this criminal administration rather than deport them. In March of that same year, a report was released that 68,000 convicted illegal aliens were released in 2013.

And what do these people do when released? They simply commit more crimes because they have no regard for the law.

How can Barack Obama claim to be following the law when instead of doing what the law demands, which is to deport these people, he releases 75% of them into the population of the US?

Following the decision, Obama said, “Today’s decision is frustrating to those who seek to grow our economy and bring a rationality to our immigration system, and to allow people to come out of the shadows.”

Sen. Jeff Sessions said that the decision was “not just a victory for Texas, Alabama, and a majority of the States in this great nation who challenged the lawless actions of the Obama Administration, but a victory for the American people and for the rule of law.”

What’s amazing in all of this is how Obama has failed to enforce immigration laws, but yet, claims it will take Congress writing another law to solve the problem of illegal immigration.

Well, I would agree it’s a victory for the rule of law Senator, but where is Congress in seeking a victory for the rule of law and impeaching the usurper in the White House? Where are the articles of impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah for his many high crimes and misdemeanors, even treason? Why are the American people not being given the justice the Constitution demands for such a lawless man?

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