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Obama – King of the Fools

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Published on: January 11, 2016

In the United States of America, a President is either supposed to veto bills or sign them into law once they have been passed by Congress. That is how our laws are supposed to be made. In countries that have kings, the citizens are ruled by the king. If you want an example, look at Saudi Arabia. The US is a Republic where the rule of law controls the government as well as the governed.

Unfortunately, our form of government will continue to become more like Saudi Arabia if Obama’s Executive Order seeds are allowed to grow by being nurtured by a foolish public and an incompetent and cowardly Congress. Congress treats Obama like a king with their policy of “what Barry wants Barry gets.” Obama sure acts like he thinks he is a king, so I guess we may as well crown Obama king. “Barry Barack Obama, I hereby crown thee King of the Fools, and the media shall be the king’s Jesters.” For anyone who doubts my authority to crown Obama king, it has the same legitimacy as Obama’s executive orders attacking gun rights.

Now, I should point out that being King of the Fools does not make Obama the smartest person in the kingdom. It only makes Obama a poor leader. A good leader would teach his subjects not to be foolish, instead of exploiting their foolishness for his political gain, as Obama does. One thing fools have in common with their king, is fools think everyone should be forced to suffer for their foolishness. That would be explained by the old misery loves company theory.

An example of this is how smart people believe that people get killed by bad people not being stopped by good people. Smart people buy guns and get training so they are prepared in case a bad person ever comes their way. The fool, however, is ether too stupid or too much of a coward to defend themselves or others.  Therefore, the fools look to their king to protect them, hence Obama and his loyal subjects’ obsession with gun control. They will stop at nothing. By hook or by crook, they think they can get their way.

Since people can die from falling from high places and exploiting people’s fears for political gain is becoming such a regular event in the United States, I wonder when Obama will try to outlaw gravity. Obama believes that saving one life makes outlawing something worthwhile, and Obama has as much power over gravity as he seems to have over bad people who want to kill.  So, who knows, maybe Obama will outlaw gravity.  Unfortunately, if Obama could rake in the political hay by making an executive order forbidding gravity, he probably would do it. The problem with this idea is, if Obama signed an executive order forbidding gravity, and people who work in high places such as construction workers were foolish enough to believe Obama could keep them safe, more people would die from being less careful because of their belief  in someone else’s promise to make them safer. That is the problem of allowing someone else to make decisions about your own safety, they may make things worse.

Decisions should be made by the people who will suffer if they are bad decisions. Decisions should not be made by politicians who are bought and paid for by lobbyists, they are insulated from the people their decisions harm by being in Washington DC. It is understandable that Obama would believe in a reality that is so different than ours. Obama is surrounded by people who are ordered to be shot for him. If anyone tries to shoot the President, the Secret Service agents are ordered to put themselves between the shooter and the president. Even if Obama does something reckless that would likely cause him harm, it is the Secret Service agents who are ordered to suffer the harm for him.

Think about that, how could Obama possibly understand how a rape victim feels? The rape victim may be alone in her home wanting protection while her attacker is out of jail on bail. However, Obama is surrounded by an army of people who promise to sacrifice their own lives to keep him safe. Obama is delusional if he truly believes he can understand how a victim feels.

It is understandable how messed up the political classes’ thinking has gotten by having others suffer for their mistakes. If someone has to climb a ladder, who will be the most careful when setting it up, the person who climbs it, or someone like Obama who can order others to take the fall for him?

That is why the country has been becoming progressively worse. The citizens continue to take the fall for the leader’s mistakes. This is why the founders of our country made us a constitutional republic and not a democracy. A democracy is just five fools deciding what the one smart guy has to do. A constitutional republic is the rule of law that everyone must live under. The founders lived under a king and then they got rid of their king. We would be wise to rid ourselves of ours. The decisions belong in the hands of the people who will benefit from their success or suffer from their failure. For Obama to think it is better for him to do the thinking that others will suffer for is delusional thinking.

There is a story of someone else who had delusional thinking. He was an emperor who thought his invisible outfit was beautiful because he could order it so. Many foolish people appeased the emperor and told him his imaginary cloths were beautiful. This delusional thinking appeared to work until one day a boy exclaimed, “The emperor has no cloths! He is naked as naked can be!” The people then realized that a delusion is a delusion, no matter who believes it or orders it to be believed. Until we, as a nation, value the truth and demand it from everyone, all the citizens and all the leaders, exempting no one, we will remain a country of fools.

Hopefully, Congress will dethrone Obama as king. The county has suffered enough having him as president.

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