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Obama to Partner with Islamists Iran & Saudi Arabia against ISIS – What Could Go Wrong?

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Published on: September 11, 2014

As it has been pointed out previously, Islam is Islam and Islam is the enemy of the freedom and liberty celebrated by western civilization. In order to fight an enemy, one has to be able to identify the enemy. Unfortunately, elected officials in Washington seem to be lacking in gray matter to do this.

Obama is poised to increase the air strikes against ISIS, but a formal strategy to combat ISIS may rely on partnering with Saudi Arabia and Irantwo rival Muslim powerhouses. Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Muslim kingdom who is fond of beheadings while Iran is a Shia dominant state that executes thousands of dissidents. According to so-called foreign policy analysts, “these partners are vital to any serious effort to weaken the Islamic State.”

Here, in a summary, are the issues at hand from foreign policy experts.

The Sunni powers are nervous about the Islamic State but skeptical of throwing in with the United States unless there’s a real commitment to securing more Sunni political representation in Iraq and more support for moderate rebels fighting the Assad regime in Syria. The Americans counter that the Sunni leaders also have room for improvement, starting with the need to crack down on the networks that send money and fighters from the Persian Gulf states to the Islamic State, which now controls roughly half of Iraq and a third of Syria.

The Arab monarchs may bring up the fact that any opposition to the Islamic State in Syria would help the forces of the Assad regime.

The Iranians, who are predominantly Shia, would be fighting the Sunni Islamic State, but there is Turkey that could decide to broker a deal with ISIS because of the vast amounts of territory IS controls. According to one expert, Iran is basically the hinge and “what Iran does now will determine to what extent the other Gulf and Arab states will more visibly accept its role.”

Jordan’s King Abdullah II is forming a “special task force to deal with the Islamic State” and more than 70 suspected jihadis have been arrested. However, the monarch is facing domestic pressure demanding that Jordan stay out of the fight against ISIS.

Dotted throughout the Middle Eastern Arab Muslim countries are pockets of support for the Islamic State which further complicates the formal responses of these Islamic government nations.

Basically, the US must align with some form of Islam or a portion of both sects in order to combat ISIS, or so it goes according to foreign policy experts. One could say that the US foreign policy of the last few decades has brought us to trying to formulate an elixir by mixing volatile ingredients to counter a pandemic virus. Granted, this may be an over-simplification of the situation; but it doesn’t change the position the US has created for itself.

The US is certainly on top of things and sending their brightest and most adept diplomat to negotiate. If only that were the case. John Kerry is headed for visits to Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The region is volatile because of the volatility of Islam. Regardless of which country it is, which sect of Islam it is or who is outwardly friendly to the US, the teachings of Islam regards westerners as infidels deserving of death should they not convert, pay a tax or agree to be enslaved. Followers of Islam engage in taqiyyah or lying in order to hide their true intent.

It has been reported that Saudi Arabia has funded terrorist groups in the past. Iran has called for the death of America. Yet, the ability for the US to defeat ISIS rests with these two nations, according to policy experts. Neither country will join the US unless each is getting something in return. That’s how it works. In the end, the US ends up trying to “play both sides” while being stuck in the middle. Everyone should know how that turns out.

Meanwhile, the wheels on the bus go round and round as the US struggles to identify the enemy, while aligning with the enemy. The plain and simple truth is the enemy is Islam; Islam is Islam. As long as the government refuses to see this, the US will continue to create manure in its foreign policy, then step in it and complain about it while trying to clean the manure off its feet, all the while trying to remove the egg on its face.

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