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Obama to Pay Iran $11.9 Billion to Iran through End of Nuke Talks in June

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Published on: January 23, 2015

The Obama administration determined to pay $490 million in cash assets to Iran on Wednesday. However, by the time the nuclear talks end with the Middle East nation, his administration will have released a total of $11.9 Billion, according to numbers provided by the State Department.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Today’s $490 million release, the third such payment of this amount since Dec. 10, was agreed to by the Obama administration under the parameters of another extension in negotiations over Tehran’s contested nuclear program that was inked in November.

Iran will receive a total of $4.9 billion in unfrozen cash assets via 10 separate payments by the United States through June 22, when talks with Iran are scheduled to end with a final agreement aimed at curbing the country’s nuclear work, according to a State Department official.

Iran received $4.2 billion in similar payments under the 2013 interim agreement with the United States and was then given another $2.8 billion by the Obama administration last year in a bid to keep Iran committed to the talks through November, when negotiators parted ways without reaching an agreement.

Iran will have received a total of $11.9 billion in cash assets by the end of June if current releases continue on pace as scheduled.

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Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) has drafted a bill that would tighten sanctions on Iran. He says that continuing to provide these payment to the Islamic republic will help to provide a catalyst of its empire of terror into the near future.

“Between November 2014 and July 2015, the interim deal’s direct forms of sanctions relief will allow Iran access to roughly $4.9 billion in frozen money,” Kirk told the Washington Free Beacon “That’s equal to what it’d cost Iran to fund Hezbollah for as much as 50 years.”

Last July, Senators Kirk, Ayotte (R-NH) and Cornyn (R-TX) authored a bill that would have suspended Obama’s authority to waive sanctions on Iran and unfreeze assets.

“Preventing consideration of the Menendez-Kirk bill has resulted in a failure to irreversibly block development of a nuclear weapon by Iran, in a 4-month extension of talks and in a release of $2.8 billion of revenue,” Kirk said.

“Before releasing $2.8 billion to Iran through sanctions relief, the administration should certify to the American people that the money will not be used to advance terror, nuclear weapons or violate human rights,” Kirk added. “How much more time will we allow Iran to develop a nuclear bomb?”

So what is the danger? According to Pamela Geller, “Iran now controls four capitals in the region: Sana, Baghdad, Damascus, and Beirut. None of Iran’s jawdropping success in the region would have been possible without Obama’s tacit support and sanction. They have postponed “nuke talks” to the point where deadlines mean nothing. Every time Iran misses a deadline, Obama just moves it. And Iranians arm, build and enrich uranium. Whatever the US asks (begs, cajols, suggests) is laughed off. Iran is the world’s number one state sponsor of terror.”

Geller also provided this screenshot adding, “First satellite images of a new long-range Iranian missile on a launch pad outside Tehran. (Channel 2 screenshot). It’s the first time we have ever seen it in the West. also capable of carrying a conventional or non-conventional warhead ‘far beyond Europe.'”


David Hearst adds at the Middle East Monitor, “Three Arab capitals have today ended in Iran’s hands and belong to the Islamic Iranian revolution. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, boasted that Sanaa has now become the fourth Muslim capital that is on its way to joining the Iranian revolution.”

“Alireza Zakani, a loyalist of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, said that Iran considered the Yemeni revolution to be an extension of its own and that 14 out of 20 provinces would soon come under the control of the Houthis and that they would not stop there: ‘Definitely, the Yemeni revolution will be not be confined to Yemen alone. It will extend following its success into Saudi territories,” Hearst added. “The Yemeni-Saudi vast borders will help expedite its reach into the depth of Saudi land.'”

What is most telling, but not surprising, is that the Obama administration is considering sanctions against Israel while he is lifting them on a known sponsor of Islamic terrorism. While many have said that sanctions are an act of war, and I would agree that they are, what America needs to open its eyes to is whose side Barack Obama is on. He is not on our side. He has aligned himself with the Islamic terrorists at every turn. What he is doing without consulting Congress is an overreach of his authority and yet, Congress seems to be impotent in stopping him.

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