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Obama Plays Political Games While the Kurds Face Destruction

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Published on: September 8, 2015

It would seem only logical that those who have done the most with the lease would eventually receive more support.  When we are sending millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and ammunition to Iraq, and the Iraqi army will not stand.  You would imagine we would demand that some of that equipment would go to the army in Iraq that has inflicted the most damage on ISIS, but this is not the case. It seems that everyone in the Middle East is pulling against the only force taking the fight to ISIS.

The Washington Times reports:

After resisting proposals to arm the Kurds directly rather than through the central government in Baghdad, the Obama administration began supplying Kurdish forces with weapons last year, American officials said. But Gen. Khurshid said those weapons are mostly small arms that are inadequate to fight Islamic State militants.

“We are not getting enough,” said the general. “We do not have enough ammunition. This is a heavy fight with no real help from the world.”

There are signs that the Kurdish fighters, known as the Peshmerga, are the best hope for defeating the Islamists.  But this would make for an uncomfortable outcome, as the Kurds are one of the largest people groups in the northern section of Iraq and Syria.  And the real issue might be that they also have a large population in Turkey who do not wish to see them reach their national aspirations.

The Times continues:

“The central government of Iraq is reluctant to send modern arms to the Kurds because they have a fear that at some time in the future, the Kurds will begin a campaign to separate and form an independent Kurdish state,” he said, adding that Turkey has expressed the same reservations against arming the Kurds because of Kurdish independence movements on its territory.

So, while no one but the Kurds have had any real sustained success against ISIS, America and the world set back and allow these fighters to run out of ammunition? Really?  That is our tactic?  And all because there are people who wish to be self-governed?  This means we are choosing the comfort of our allies over the safety of the world.  Smart move.

The Washington reports:

Republican congressional leaders are divided over further arming the Kurds. Most Republican presidential candidates support expanding direct American military assistance to the peshmerga forces, which are widely seen as more effective than the Iraqi national army. The White House has insisted on giving the Shiite-led Iraqi government military assistance and letting Baghdad dole it out.

To be honest with you, we have to leave the Kurds in God’s hand.  If their only earthly hope is the Republicans in Congress, they are doomed.  Those goons cannot even get enough support to arrest Planned Parenthood or Hilary Clinton, both of whom are undeniably guilty.

Once again, this president has managed to botch a simple issue.  But those who are seeking to take his place are not too promising, either.


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