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Obama Profaned Selma Bloody Sunday Protest Anniversary

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Published on: March 13, 2015

“Of course, our democracy is not the task of Congress alone, or the courts alone, or the president alone. …”

– Barack Obama, Selma, Alabama, March 7, 2015

Marxists these days just seem to love equating their brand of encroaching collectivist hell on Earth with “democracy,” or intimating that their brand of encroaching collectivist hell on Earth is somehow closer to being truly “democratic” than the model of government in which we operated for over 200 years.

In any case, as Obama well knows, America isn’t a democracy. Granted that we get things done via democratic processes – but America is a constitutional representative republic – at least, that’s what it once was. Yet I’ve noted that Obama has never missed an opportunity to reference “our democracy,” perpetuating the fallacy that America is a democracy.

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The usurper-in-chief led the ceremony last Saturday marking the 50th anniversary of the Selma, Alabama, “Bloody Sunday” protest on March 7, 1965, ostensibly hailing the men and women who fought for civil rights in the 1960s. Speaking from the Edmund Pettus Bridge (upon which police used clubs and tear gas to attack civil rights demonstrators), Obama said that more work needs to be done concerning race relations in the United States, as he usually does when he speaks on that topic.

Indeed. I wonder if by that he means more work needs to be done by his administration to get us to the point where America’s cities are aflame with race rioting and charred bodies litter the streets.

“We’re the slaves who built the White House and the economy of the South. …”

– Barack Obama, Selma, Alabama, March 7, 2015

It is quite ironic that someone whose ancestors never endured slavery, segregation, or Jim Crow (if one accepts the highly dubious narrative of Obama’s origins) and who has done more to sabotage 50 years of work to improve race relations should serve as the keynote speaker for such a solemn event. To add insult to injury, Obama then took wide rhetorical latitude, engaging in blatant revisionist history and propaganda.

“If every new voter suppression law was struck down today, we’d still have one of the lowest voting rates among free peoples.”

– Barack Obama, Selma, Alabama, March 7, 2015

Obama’s outgoing top crooked cop, Attorney General Eric Holder, made it one of his chief missions to address said voter suppression efforts during his tenure. The fact that he was unable to find any legitimate offenders in this area didn’t seem to matter; as though it were still 1950, Holder continued to bleat about the exertions of racists, who allegedly seek to stifle voter participation among ethnic minorities.

In short, there are no “voter suppression laws” of which Obama speaks. Efforts on the part of certain states to ensure legal voting by only those eligible to vote are that to which Obama and his nefarious buddies take exception, because the Democratic Party has come to rely heavily upon voter fraud. It’s just far more effective to engender paranoia and anger among thoroughly propagandized blacks and Latinos when one calls these efforts “voter suppression.”

“We’re the gay Americans whose blood ran in the streets of San Francisco and New York, just as blood ran down this bridge.”

– Barack Obama, Selma, Alabama, March 7, 2015

The blood of gay Americans running in the streets of San Francisco and New York? I don’t seem to be able to recall any events in the so-called struggle for “gay rights” in America even coming close to those endured by blacks and their supporters during the Civil Rights Movement, let alone any featuring blood running in the streets of major U.S. cities. Did the police set attack dogs against crowds of protesting homosexuals in San Francisco at some point? Turn fire hoses on them in Greenwich Village? Did I miss something?

It is craven and disgusting when those on the left make disingenuous and erroneous comparisons between homosexuals and ethnic minorities with regard to civil rights issues. The left can trot out all the “gay” agenda-driven, pony-tailed, aging liberal professors they like, but the fact is that the decision to engage in homosexual behavior is no more than a decision; it is not an innate, ingrained, or genetic characteristic.

In this time of increasingly distinct lines being drawn between Americans who recognize the abject wickedness of this administration and its enablers and those who do not, it is profoundly sad that Obama’s presence in Selma was further dignified by some who ought to know better. Obama, his foul wife and their spawn were joined in Selma by a delegation that included former President George W. Bush, former first lady Laura Bush, around 100 members of Congress and other dignitaries.

Yes, Obama profaned the anniversary of the “Bloody Sunday” march in Selma with his very presence, because he is a liar and a fraud who has actually harmed race relations in America and under whom the lot of black Americans has become substantially worse. In character, he is the antithesis of those who suffered and struggled during the Civil Rights Movement.

The irony that punctuates this Selma travesty is the fact that since Obama self-identifies as black and is recognized as such, his attendance supposedly lent more significance to the event than if he had not been a person “of color.”


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