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Obama Sanctions a Form of Child Abuse

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Published on: April 10, 2015

This week, President Obama called for a nationwide ban on “conversion” or “reparative” therapy for teenagers trapped in the homosexual lifestyle.

He wants to make it a professional crime for any mental health worker to help a sexually confused teenager deal with unwanted same-sex attractions. He wants to make it impossible for their parents to get this kind of help to their children.

According to the pro-sodomy Trevor Project, homosexual youth attempt suicide at four times the rate of their sexually normal peers. This is a staggering and alarming reality.

There are pathologies associated with the homosexual lifestyle from which every loving parent would want to protect his teenager, and from which every self-aware teenager would want to protect himself. Yet, President Obama wants to make it impossible for parents to get even desperately wanted help for their tormented child.

The disturbingly high rate of suicidal ideation among homosexual teens, by the way, can hardly be attributed to “stigma,” since homosexuals of all ages enjoy a most-favored sexual orientation status in America. Suicide rates among homosexual teens are just as high in Scandinavian countries where homosexuality has been celebrated for decades.

(You want to find victims of social stigma, look no further than Bible-believing Christians who sell pizzas, but politely decline to cater “weddings” based on sodomy. In Walkerton, Indiana, they were forced, like Anne Frank, to hide in a house in fear for their lives while Kristallnacht-like threats were made to burn their restaurant to the ground.)

We know from what researchers tell us that initial sexual experiences can have an enormous imprinting impact on young children. If a young boy’s first sexual experience is with an adult of the same sex, it may generate tremendous confusion in his mind about his own sexual identity.

He may easily take this confusion into his teenage years, and begin engaging in homosexual activity. He may wind up trapped in this deadly lifestyle, and come to the place where he wants help and wants out. President Obama would diabolically refuse him any help whatsoever.

Who knows how many of Jerry Sandusky’s vulnerable young victims, for instance, may have become trapped in the homosexual lifestyle because Sandusky’s assault on them predisposed them to homosexual experimentation?

President Obama does not want any of Jerry Sandusky’s victims to get professional help, if that involves an effort to overcome unwanted same sex attraction. He wants them all locked away in the darkened basement of their own bewildered psyche and wants to throw away the key until they turn 18.

What President Obama is calling for is nothing less than the emotional equivalent of child kidnapping. The American people should be horrified that we have a president with such a callous disregard for the emotional health of America’s children.

Bottom line: what President Obama is calling for is nothing less than cruelty to children and an intolerable form of child abuse.

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