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Obama Spokesliar Josh Earnest Erroneously Claims “Rule of Law” in Support of Judge Holding Kim Davis in Contempt

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Published on: September 7, 2015

To follow the law or not to follow the law is the question these days, since it’s hard to know which one will land you in jail. In the case of Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, Davis followed Kentucky State law, but has found herself in contempt and jailed until she agrees to violate Kentucky State law by federal judge David Bunning. Davis cited her Christian faith as reason for not issuing same-sex “marriage” licenses; however, Davis is also following Kentucky law. Bunning, in demanding Davis honor a Supreme Court decision, treats a court decision as law. As a lawyer and a judge, he of all people should know the difference between law and court decision. The court can rule on certain matters and find the law in error. But, the ruling does not become law unless the branch of government responsible for legislation makes it law.

Supporters of same-sex “marriage” cheered as a judge held Davis in contempt and officers hauled her away to jail. They, too, view a Supreme Court ruling as law and “officials must obey the law regardless of religious beliefs” becomes their stance, ignoring that First Amendment rights are not relinquished upon employment with any private or government entity.

Yesterday, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest responded to reporters who asked him about Obama’s reaction to the Davis case.

“I will just say on principle that the success of our democracy depends on the rule of law and there is no public official that is above the law. Certainly, not the President of the United States. But neither is the Rowan County clerk. That’s a principle that is enshrined in our Constitution and in our democracy.”

Of course, there was not a specific reaction or response from Obama as the case is ongoing. However, one can imagine his reaction as being something like, “One Christian county clerk down, how many more to go now, Josh?” Maybe, Obama is doing “high-fives” and “chest bumps” with Biden. More than likely, Obama is laughing his backside off because a judge has followed his lead and held that lawfulness is lawlessness.

Obama laughs as the media and sodomite marriage supporters defame the character of Ms. Davis for her past indiscretions before becoming a Christian, instead of seeing a repentant soul washed anew in the blood of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. Obama laughs as he sees the nation persecute a woman for her Christianity while he, the Muslim and supporter of Islamic terrorism, moves this nation towards destruction. He laughs as Christians stand down, like good little government drones, just as they learned to do by charlatan “pastors” bathed in the government robe of deception selling a false picture of Christ. Obama laughs as Christians turn their backs on Davis. He laughs as this nation’s sheep bows to Islam under political correctness while he imports terrorists into our neighborhoods.

Obama bellows in howling laughter as he violates the law with impunity, tramples the Constitution with a complicit Congress and incites racial violence through his rhetoric of racism. He laughs as the public is incapable of holding him to task on his 1,063 + and counting incidents of lawless, criminal and deceptive actions.

“The success of our democracy depends on the rule of law,” says Josh Earnest. Yet, this nation is not a democracy but a constitutional republic whereby government is to uphold the individual, God-given, unalienable rights of citizens. If our constitutional republic “depends on the rule of law,” a Kentucky county clerk should be free instead of incarcerated on contempt charges because she was upholding Kentucky state law.

“There is no public official that is above the law,” declares Earnest. Yet, citizens of this nation witness Obama, agency department heads, department employees and Congress violate the law, violate the Constitution and engage in behavior warranting arrest and jail with impunity. Lawlessness is the new norm in government while lawfulness is the new crime. Kim Davis is following the law of the State of Kentucky and her religious beliefs. Where is the lawlessness upon Davis? A judge that orders an individual to commit an act contrary to established law based on a “court opinion” without a change in the law is asking an individual to violate the law. The judge is in contempt of the law, not the clerk.

“That’s a principle that is enshrined in our Constitution and in our democracy,” parrots Earnest. He speaks conveniently of the Constitution when it suits him; however, the Constitution establishes the federal government a creature of the States with the States holding the majority of power. Unfortunately, the federal government assumed power it has no authority to assume. Again, the designation of this nation as a democracy keeps flowing out of the mouth of Earnest. Well, repeat a lie long enough and people will accept it as truth.

If this administration believes a Supreme Court decision is law for states, the people and county clerks, then logic dictates it is law for the federal government as well. Yet, when the Supreme Court upheld Texas’s voter ID laws stripping the power of the federal government over state election laws, Obama ignored the decision. In another instance, Obama ignored the Supreme Court ruling against his administration and the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the regulation of power plant emissions.
Against the decision of the Supreme Court, Obama instructed colleges to continue to use “Affirmative Action” procedures to increase diversity among students. The Obama administration violated a judge’s order to cease it’s illegal activity regarding awarding illegal alien invaders amnesty in violation of immigration law, meaning Obama and his administration are in contempt of court yet remain “free.”

Ms. Davis followed State law and treated the Supreme Court decision as what it is — a decision — while simultaneously standing on her faith and gets sentenced to jail. The Environmental Protection Agency is an unconstitutional agency making regulations on power plant emissions that threatens to devastate the electrical grid, cost thousands of jobs and increase electrical costs. There is no constitutional provision for this agency to exist at the federal level. The 1965 Voting Rights Act applied only to nine states and the Supreme Court found it unconstitutional and in violation of the 10th Amendment. Race should have zero influence on college admission criteria. If, as this administration would like everyone to believe, a Supreme Court decision is law, Obama is setting a poor example by ignoring decisions he doesn’t like and enforcing those he does. It can’t be both ways; but, it is thereby exposing the complete hypocrisy of the left liberals and their penchant toward utter lawlessness.

The only reason Obama can “pick and choose” is that the Congress refuses to follow the law and hold Obama accountable.

Make no mistake, Judge David Bunning is using Kim Davis as an example — follow the Supreme Court decision in violation of State law and your religious beliefs or sit in jail until you agree to do so. Davis is a political and religious prisoner indicative of the practices in the communist USSR to bring about compliance through threats, intimidation and fear. Unfortunately, there will be more to come in regards to this confusing individuals to the point no one will know what will land them in jail — following the law or not following the law, according to whatever “man” decides.

This is the point in time where every Christian needs to stand and be counted, regardless of church affiliation, what a “pastor” or church authority organization claims, and public opinion, in support of Kim Davis. Ms. Davis is following State law and exercising her guaranteed First Amendment God-given rights. If Christians will not stand now against unlawful imprisonment, when will we?

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