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Obama Takes Aim at Alleged “Racist” Police Officers

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Published on: December 2, 2014

In an effort that will not only fuel the fire of racial tension across America after the events of Ferguson, Missouri, but will also be another attempt to redirect the public’s attention away from his announcement of providing illegal executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, Barack Obama will be providing rhetoric to deal with alleged “racist” police officers in black communities. That’s right, he won’t be dealing with black police officers in white communities, just white officers (Is that racist?).

Obama met with cabinet members on Monday to talk about federal programs that supply equipment to local police forces. He also met with “national civil rights leaders” a significant number of police groups, elected officials, along with community and faith leaders.

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The White House put out a “Fact Sheet” titled Strengthening Community Policing. According to the fact sheet, a review of federal funding and programs which provide equipment to both state and local law enforcement agencies was ordered in August and now the Obama administration is releasing Review: Federal Support for Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acquisition.

In addition to the review, Obama says that he will strengthen community policing and build trust between police and the communities they serve.

Consider this is the same racist man that went after George Zimmerman and Sgt. James Crowley, demonstrating his own racism in the process. In fact, even at the famous “beer summit,” in which Obama was trying to “smooth things over” with Crowley following the backlash in the Henry Louis Gates incident, former Obama adviser of Green Jobs, all around charlatan and open Communist Van Jones said that Obama was “forced” to sit across the table from Crowley. Can you say, hypocrite?

As a result of the review, Obama’s staff will be drafting “an Executive Order directing relevant agencies to work together and with law enforcement and civil rights and civil liberties organizations to develop specific recommendations within 120 days.”

Among some of the things mentioned, were the following:

  • Develop a consistent list of controlled property allowable for acquisition by LEAs and ensure that all equipment on the list has a legitimate civilian law enforcement purpose.
  • Require local civilian (non-police) review of and authorization for LEAs to request or acquire controlled equipment.
  • Mandate that LEAs which participate in federal equipment programs receive necessary training and have policies in place that address appropriate use and employment of controlled equipment, as well as protection of civil rights and civil liberties.  Agencies should identify existing training opportunities and help LEAs avail themselves of those opportunities, including those offered by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and the International Association of Law Enforcement Standards and Training.
  • Require after-action analysis reports for significant incidents involving federally provided or federally-funded equipment.
  • Harmonize federal programs so that they have consistent and transparent policies.
  • Develop a database that includes information about controlled equipment purchased or acquired through Federal programs.

Obama is desiring to grow the police state further and that requires spending. According to his proposals, $236 million dollars will be spent in order to provide body-worn cameras, expand training for law enforcement agencies, provide more resources for reform of the police departments and multiply the number of cities the Justice Department facilitates community and local law enforcement engagement. The money for the body-worn cameras will be matched 50% by the states and localities.

Now, one has to ask, by what authority is the Executive Branch providing these goodies to local and state law enforcement agencies? It certainly was not given to the Executive Branch in the Constitution, so where is he deriving such power? He’s making it up as he goes.

Additionally, every time federal dollars are used to provide anything to local and state law enforcement, there are always strings attached. Like everything else they provide to local police departments, including those armored vehicles, don’t think they won’t be calling in future favors because of that.

This is simply more lawless actions being perpetrated by this administration and those in Congress who are not opposing these measures are being willing accomplices in their crimes. Furthermore, the people are allowing their local law enforcement to be entangled in the web and becoming recipients of federal dollars that will one day call upon them to do their bidding and that, more than likely, will be to commit crimes against their own people.

My question remains, why are local law enforcement agencies not standing up and saying “No”?

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