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Obama Threatens to Abandon Israel at United Nations

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Published on: March 21, 2015

He did promise to “fundamentally transform” our nation, didn’t he? I wonder if this was the “change” that liberals were hoping for when they first bought into Obama’s worthless drivel back in 2008.

Rumor has it that the Obama machine worked hard and spent quite a bit of money in an effort to sway the Israeli elections away from Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud. If this is true, then what is now transpiring must be the worst case of “sour grapes” our planet has ever seen. Within hours of the announcement that Netanyahu had likely won another term as Prime Minister of Israel came the realization that our President had not yet reached out to congratulate the leader of one of our closest allies. Not a big deal you say? Maybe… except that President Obama had made a habit of calling to congratulate many world leaders almost immediately after their ascension to power. He called Russian leader Vladimir Putin within minutes of his “victory,” the same for the leaders of Egypt, Iran and the Palestinian people. His decision not to call to congratulate Bibi Netanyahu was a deliberate tactical maneuver meant to signal much greater things, and it should worry us.

It took two full days for President Obama to contact Netanyahu, and when he finally did, it was not to congratulate him, but to threaten him.

President Obama waited nearly two full days before making a congratulatory phone call to Mr. Netanyahu on Thursday evening, as his administration was still seething over the Israeli leader’s pre-election comments.

In a striking indication of how bitter tensions remain between the two, Mr. Obama told Mr. Netanyahu directly that the United States would have to “re-assess our options” after the prime minister’s “new positions and comments” on the two-state solution, according to a White House official who spoke without authorization to detail the private conversation.

For his part, Netanyahu says that the media reaction to his comments on Palestine is overblown.

“I haven’t changed my policy,” Mr. Netanyahu said in an interview with MSNBC, his first since his resounding victory on Tuesday, which handed him a fourth term. “What has changed is the reality.”

“I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution, but for that, circumstances have to change,” he said. “I was talking about what is achievable and what is not achievable. To make it achievable, then you have to have real negotiations with people who are committed to peace.”

That doesn’t sound at all like Netanyahu is opposed to a two-state solution. It sounds like he’s just asking that the Palestinian leadership recognize Israel’s right to exist (which Palestinian leadership still refuses to do, by the way). However, the Obama administration is responding as if they do not believe that Netanyahu is committed to a two-state solution.

Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, said that regardless of the prime minister’s clarifications, his pre-election statements demonstrated that he was “no longer committed to a two-state solution,” which “means that the United States is in a position to re-evaluate our thinking.”

All of this is happening even as the Obama administration is publicly threatening to abandon Israel before the rest of the world.

“We are signaling that if the Israeli government’s position is no longer to pursue a Palestinian state, we’re going to have to broaden the spectrum of options we pursue going forward,” the official said.

There is no virtually no chance that the U.S. will trim its financial or military support for Israel. But some analysts believe that going forward, Netanyahu may be vulnerable in international forums where the U.S. has long been a bulwark against criticism of Israel and its presence in Palestinian territories.

“I do think the administration is going to look very closely at the possibility of either joining, or at least not blocking an internationally backed move at the U.N. to restate the parameters for ending the conflict,” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of the left-leaning pro-Israel group J Street.

The United Nations has devolved into an organization that, at best, could be called a detriment to progress, and at worst could be called a tool for evil. Nations like China, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have grown more powerful within the institution and have led it down a terrible path. The organization is routinely pitted against Israel and the US while simultaneously protecting actual evildoers like Iran, North Korea and Cuba. It is to these wolves that Obama now threatens to throw our longtime friendship with Israel…

This could end up being a disaster for our nation and our world. Israel is the only Western Democracy in the Middle East; they are our only sincere partner in peace and liberty. In Israel alone are women treated as full equals; in Israel alone are minorities given the full rights enjoyed by the majority; in Israel alone are elections free, fair and meaningful. Sadly, President Obama truly seems to be so petty that he would willingly abandon our only true friend in the region over political differences.

It’s sad and it’s only too predictable.

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