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Obama Uses Climate Change to Deflect from His Administration’s Criminal Activities

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Published on: March 18, 2015

One thing that can always be counted on with Obama is his ability to continually throw out issues in order to redirect attention away from his criminal, treasonous activities. We’ve all heard by now that Valerie Jarrett leaked the story about Hilary Clinton’s private e-mail server to the press through individuals outside the White House. In another interesting stroke of “fortunate timing,” the Obama administration now has Lois Lerner’s emails, but the investigation is on hold over software problems. Amidst all of this on the heels of the Iran deal squabble, Obama has come out stating that “Republicans will eventually be forced to see things his way when it comes to policies aimed at tackling global warming.”

Obama told VICE news that he guarantees the GOP will have to change its stance on “climate change” because the voters will insist on it; but, voters are not at the point yet.

According to the Daily Caller:

“If you poll folks, they’re concerned about climate change, but they’re even more concerned about gas prices,” he told VICE, an HBO documentary series, adding that Republican lawmakers are putting up stiff resistance to his climate agenda.

“In some cases, though, you have elected officials who are shills for the oil companies or fossil fuel industry and there’s a lot of money involved,” Obama said. “Typically in Congress, the committees jurisdiction, like the energy committees, are populated by folks from places that pump a lot of oil, pump a lot of gas.”

Obama made fighting global warming a top priority during his second term in office, quickly launching his “Climate Action Plan” to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions and build support for an international climate treaty.

“If I can change how the country thinks about this as a serious and immediate threat – not some distant vague thing,” Obama said. “We will have made enough progress that the next president and the next generations can start building on it and it can start to get some momentum.”

While Obama made this “climate change” pseudo-religion a top priority, it was discovered that scientists were “falsifying temperature recordings from data stations in South America” by increasing the readings by one degree Celsius to pander global warming. The United Nations IPCC has already admitted its computer models are inaccurate and numerous scientists, including some in Russia, have identified a cooling trend for the Earth based on the solar cycle. Geniuses at the Environmental Protection Agency declared carbon dioxide (CO2), a naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere and one needed for plant growth and photosynthesis, as a greenhouse gas.

To top it all off, the plan to fight this farce comes in the form of throwing money at it through cap and trade, carbon footprint taxes and unreliable “carbon capture technology” and closing coal-powered electrical producing plants.

None of the computer models predicting “climate change” can satisfy the Scientific Method as all variables cannot be identified to be included. Scientists have already determined that solar cycles are a more reliable predictor of warming and cooling trends with supposed “greenhouse gases” making up less than one percent of one percent of the gases in the atmosphere.

According to Obama, “Climate change is an example of the hardest problems to solve. The hardest thing to do in politics and in government is to make sacrifices now for a long-term payoff … The challenge on something like climate change is there comes a point of no return, and you do have to make sure that we get at this thing quick enough and with enough force to make a difference.”

If Americans haven’t learned by now that if Obama is “for” something, it never bodes well for the United States; then, they are too far gone for help. This “climate agenda” by Obama is about control of the American people through manipulation of the electrical grid and wealth redistribution through taxes, along with creating more unemployed citizens who will “beg” for government intervention. This is also another way to “bait” some members of Congress into defending themselves against being called “oil company shills” and produce further division that would provide cover for an unsavory Iran deal. Every American knows how the Republicans are when they get a little heat through name-calling. And, mention “forcing” a bogus policy on conservative Americans gets the ire up pretty quickly, especially when the focus is on “manipulating” members of Congress.

Obama bringing up “climate change” at this time is nothing more than an attempt at getting Americans to take their eyes off the Iran deal negatives, the contention with the Senate, the administration’s leaking of Hilary’s private email server and the criminal, treasonous actions of the Muslim-in-Chief. Bring the possibility of “annihilation of the human race” due to “climate change” back up to get people focused on “clean energy,” which development of nuclear power for peaceful purposes leads to a cleaner environment, in order that he may continue to fleece this nation through these negotiations. It’s all about continuing to divide America along every line possible.

The annihilation of the human race is more likely to occur from a nuclear weapon in the hands of Islamic Iran than “climate change.” Iran has admitted as much by its “death to America” goal. Unfortunately, for the United States, we have a man in the Oval Office who is complicit in helping Iran and ISIS accomplish the stated Iranian goal.

Congress should ignore this latest attempt by Obama to “rile their feathers” using climate change and name-calling at this time.

It is time Republicans in Congress developed a backbone, toughened their skin, and do their jobs in holding Obama accountable for the unconstitutional, treasonous and criminal activities he has committed along with all the individuals in his administration. Boehner may not agree with impeachment and Biden may be an idiot, but the duty of Congress to follow the law and impeach Obama is clear. Since Biden has been complicit with Obama, he can face impeachment as well. So can Boehner.

The US will surely come to its knees with twenty-two more months of Obama if he is left unfettered.

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