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Obama Wants to Delay Immigration Reform by Executive Fiat till after Mid-Term Elections

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Published on: September 10, 2014

Obama is set to delay any executive actions regarding “immigration reform” until after the midterm elections to “save” his unpopular immigration boosting stance from an American voter backlash that could affect Democrat’s chance at election.

According to White House Spokesman Josh Earnest, “By injecting [the immigration issue] into the highly charged political debate six or eight weeks before the midterm elections is to subject this issue to gross distortion and partisanship. And we don’t want to do that.”

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How Josh Earnest can say this with a straight face is amazing. Despite the claims of Earnest, this issue is already at the forefront of issues pertinent in the midterm campaigns. Obama is already planning to unilaterally change the immigration law via executive fiat even stating so earlier this summer. His actions will supposedly make illegal aliens eligible for work permits, increase the number of foreign guest workers in the US annually, and may include some form of amnesty for illegals residing in the country, along with those arriving daily. It is the open door “welcome” sign Obama gave to Central American countries that has led to the invasion Americans witness daily on the southern border.

Regardless of the timing, Obama is set to implement what he thinks should be done to alter the immigration laws of the US via unconstitutional means.

Earnest indicates that Obama has delayed action because “he wants to ensure that all of the work that has been done over the last several years to build this powerful bipartisan coalition in support of immigration reform is sustained” after the election. Earnest admits that injection of an executive fiat regarding immigration would have a negative impact on “broader public support” and threaten the sustainability of reform if done “in the midst of the hyper-partisan, hyper-political environment shortly before the midterms.”

In other words, Obama is delaying what he intends to do anyway hoping the 36 hour memory limit will kick in thereby removing the issue from low information voter minds to keep Democrats in their seats of power and possibly add more Democrats to gain control over the House.

Amnesty is very unpopular with US citizens, along with Obama’s immigration policies and the Senate immigration bill, and would endanger reelection and election of Democratic Senators in November.

Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, believes Earnest is correct in his prediction. According to Krikorian, “Turning the midterms explicitly into a referendum on amnesty and increased immigration – and then losing – would have undermined the political case for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ for years to come.”

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) questions Obama’s move saying, “What’s wrong with the American people being able to influence their government? Is the president above that, has he reached such a higher level of popularity that he doesn’t have to worry about what the American people say, think, or believe?”

Sessions states, “The President is proposing to repeal, through executive action, the lawful protections to which every American worker is entitled. His action would allow millions of illegal immigrants to instantly take precious jobs, jobs from struggling American workers, unemployed American workers by the millions, in every sector of the economy. This planned executive amnesty has not gone away [and] it is only a matter of months that it has been delayed unless the American people stop it.”

Krikorian shares Sessions’ views and himself wants to reduce annual immigration. Krikorian, writing in the National Review, states, “The midterms should still be a referendum on Obama’s lawless immigration plans … a lawless amnesty decree is bad enough, but openly saying you’re going to issue such a decree only after the people have had a chance to vote is much worse.”

Krikorian calls Obama’s action in amnesty by presidential decree a “promised power grab” that is not a “tea-bagger” conspiracy theory fantasy, “but a promise to decree sweeping extra-constitutional changes to law … around Thanksgiving or Christmas to avoid electoral fallout.” [emphasis mine]

Krikorian calls a vote for any Democrat, whatever the views on the substance of immigration policy, is a vote for “caesarism,” for presidential rule by decree. [emphasis mine]

Obama’s action to delay the inevitable amnesty decree is a move to take the influence of the American voter out of the equation in order to benefit the Democratic Party, institute an additional unconstitutional power grab and maintain or increase Democratic control of government. In fact, wannabe His Majesty received calls from Democratic Senators to delay his “royal” decree. These actions by Obama and Democrats should ring loud with the American people that he and his ilk care not for public opinion, will do anything to subvert and manipulate the electoral process, and will commit further insurrection and lawlessness against the Supreme Law of the Land – the Constitution.

While Democrats want to bury the issue and hide it away from the forefront of issues surrounding the midterm elections, this issue is very much alive. Obama will grab power for the executive by unilaterally altering the immigration law – however unconstitutional it may be – against the will of the citizens of the US by issuing his decree later this year. This one stance alone should tell citizens of the United States exactly what Obama and Democrats think of a government “for the people, by the people and of the people.” If anyone is guilty of insurrection and subversion, it is Obama, his ilk and the donkey party.

Friends, it is past time to wake up! The Subverter-in-Chief is telling the public he will make law via executive fiat against the will of the people regarding immigration. That is the action of a dictator, not a leader and certainly not a president of the US.

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