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Obamacare Boy Claims He is a Girl

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Published on: March 28, 2016

March 23, 2010 Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law with a chubby 11-year-old boy by his side. His signed photo reads, “To Marcelas. You helped make history at an early age. Barack Obama. ”

Known as the “Obamacare kid,” this young boy, Marcelas Owens, now says he’s a girl.


CNN writes:

“Sometimes it’s hard to be what you want to be when people only know you for what you used to be.

“This is the challenge facing Marcelas Owens, who just turned 17. For much of life, people have only known Marcelas as the ‘Obamacare kid’.”
Marcelas’ mother died because she didn’t have health insurance, Owens claimed, which put him on the national stage as a child activist. His mother was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2006, and lost her job due to her illness. She was denied Medicaid because she had “earned too much money” working the previous year.

CNN reports that Marcelas questioned his identity as early as the Fifth Grade, suggesting that the questions he asked himself were normal:

“Why was he never interested in playing the games other boys played?
“Why did he like trying on his sister’s clothes?
“Why did he feel he was born in the wrong body?”
“He started searching for answers. He went online and learned about transgender people. When he was in the fifth grade, he chose to write a class paper on a transgender woman. ‘She was saying that when she was little she always identified more with girls,’ Marcelas says of the woman. ‘I started realizing that I did the same.’”
Sadly, much has changed since 2010, for the worse. And it’s highly likely that under Obamacare Marcelas’s mother still would have died.
More people are uninsured than before the act was passed. As Rand pointed out, “the Obamacare insurance exchange enrollment is tepid at best­­­­—accounting for only a gain in the number of insured of 4.1 million people.” A minimum of 46 million Americans remain uninsured.
Hundreds of millions without jobs and healthcare is the drastic and devastating changeresulting from this oppressive and destructive law.
Yet, the positive outcome, is a confused “transgender” boy suffering from gender dysphoria, who believes he is a girl trapped in a boy’s body.
This is just another tragic outcome of Obamacare.
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