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Obama’s Deep State is a Conspiracy Fact!

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Published on: March 17, 2017

I love how some people in our world think if they label you a “conspiracy theorist” that is the equivalent of the Communist who shouts, “Racist.”  Sadly, even many within my own ranks believe such nonsense and often will not pursue stories because they will be labeled by deceivers like the fake professor’s list of alleged “fake news.”  However, many may question the claims that Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah has a working Deep State inside the central government in DC.  If you question that as mere “conspiracy,” just look at the evidence that yes, it is a conspiracy, but it is also a fact.

Jerry Johnson elaborates on this in a new video.  Take a listen.

Johnson defines the Deep State as “a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.”

Obama’s campaign was turned into a politically organized group called “Organizing for Action,” which was later used to organize contrived protests against Donald Trump in 2016 and into 2017.

Organizing for Action, or OFA recently hired 14 field organizers in key states, adding to a growing infrastructure that boasts more than 250 offices nationwide and more than 32,000 volunteers and amassed over $40 million in contributions to date,” wrote Johnson.

Obama learned well from his Communist mentor Saul Alinsky.

Additionally, Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Iranian-born “mama,” has moved into his anti-Trump center to aid in the effort to sabotage Trump’s presidency.  This is the same woman that more than likely oversaw the involvement of the central government in Oregon that led to the murder of Lavoy Finicum, and may have instructed Obama to give the stand down order in Benghazi.

Already, the Deep State has gone after former national security adviser Michael Flynn, forcing him to resign even though he did nothing wrong, claiming unfounded accusations against Attorney General Jeff Sessions of colluding with the Russians, when the real Russian colluders were the Clintons.  Finally, the media and the Democrats have run with the unsubstantiated story of President Donald Trump and the Russian “dossier.”

All the while, congressional and senate Democrats run interference against the Trump administration, and their hypocrisy is blatant to anyone who is paying attention.  Just listen to Nancy Pelosi’s complete 180 reversal on reading RINOCare!  And RINOs are definitely involved in all of this, too.  Exhibit A is House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Indeed, Obama has plans to rule America long after he usurped the White House.  It’s past time for President Donald Trump to bring the law to bear on Obama, the Clintons and a host of other political criminals for their crimes against the people of the united States.  He is the chief executive law officer.  If he fails to do so, then you know that his presidency is merely engaging in WWE, and nothing more.

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