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Obama’s Eco-Nazi Agenda to Save Unendangered Birds Likely to Destroy Western Economies

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Published on: June 1, 2015

The Eco-Nazis have been gaining power over the past several decades.  Politically, there is virtually no way that Democrats can ignore their pull and money.  This has been translating into more and more restrictions on what and where industry can produce.  As a consequence, we have a very sluggish and dying industrial sector, and we have been dependent on foreign countries for our energy needs.  Now, just as we have begun to see a light at the end of the tunnel on our energy dependence, Obama is trying to collapse the cave.

Fox reports

The Obama administration disclosed plans Thursday to preserve the habitat of the imperiled greater sage grouse in 10 Western states that would include placing limits on oil and natural gas drilling.

Not that the U.S. has been exactly drill happy, but we have had some relief through the controversial fracking method.  If we listen to a large majority of geologists, there is no danger to the ecosystem or our water supply.  And since these anti-progress progressives cannot stop progress through false science, they will now use a bird.

Fox continues:

The proposal would be the federal government’s biggest land-planning effort to date for conservation of a single species. The regulations would require oil and gas wells to be clustered in groups of a half-dozen or more to avoid scattering them across habitat of the greater sage grouse.

Drilling near breeding areas would be prohibited during mating season, and power lines would be moved away from prime habitat to avoid serving as perches for raptors that eat sage grouse.

The plan is going to be costly and disruptive, but at least it will also be wide-spread.

Fox further reports:

The new measures would apply to federal lands in California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

The plan will cover ten states, all of which have been helped by the fracking efforts.  This will be limited by the when and where.  Not only will the Sage Grouses be given a quiet environment in which to mate, they will be given abundant room.  This will, by necessity, limit the number of oil rigs, as you can only put so many in a cluster.  But that is not even the best part of this plan.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service faces a court-ordered deadline of Sept. 30 to decide whether the greater sage grouse needs protection as a threatened or endangered species. Many Western lawmakers and representatives of the oil-and-gas and agriculture industries say a threatened or endangered listing would devastate the region’s economy.

Don’t check your glasses, you read that right.  All this planning and money will be spent on a bird that is not even endangered.  It is not a protected bird.  And though there will likely be no announcement as to the bird’s endangered status for at least four months, the administration is implementing this plan.

Just like the smelt in California, which has deepened the damage of their drought; this bird is going to cause the deepening of the recession and economic hardship for these western states.  It seems ironic that these ten states are the only economies in American that are growing.

But I am sure that is just a coincidence.


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