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Obama’s National Intelligence Director’s Report Excluded Iran as Terror Threat

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Published on: June 17, 2015

Many Americans have begun to wonder if the Obama administration is not playing for both sides.  The reason for this sentiment is the special treatment it gives many of our enemies.  Forget for a moment the submission bow to the late king of Saudi Arabia, forget all of the evidence that this administration or at least the government it heads created ISIS.  Forget the bungled Iranian nuclear talks and the allowing them to arm themselves.  It is the fact that he does not see these people as our enemy.  As any manager of a Wal-Mart will tell you, the attitudes of management will spread to the employees, just as Obama’s has to the intelligence community.

The Free Beacon reports:

A senior administration official [James Clapper] acknowledged to Senate Republicans that its 2015 intelligence threat assessment failed to provide the full scope of Iran’s state sponsored terrorism.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

According to Senate Republicans, there was much missing from the report.

The Free Beacon continues:

Senate Republicans submitted a letter critical of the report in April. The letter, signed by seven GOP senators, including Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) and Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), said Clapper did not mention the extent of the threat Iran poses to the United States in his 2015 worldwide threat assessment.

“Despite ongoing nuclear negotiations and the administration’s evolving policy towards the Iranian regime, we are perplexed that your annual assessment contains no meaningful reference to the chaos that Iran manufactures through its support for terrorist groups and proxy organizations, which raises serious questions about the credibility of this annual exercise,” the letter said.

Clapper seemed to concede that there were many things that were missing from the report in his response to these Senators.

“A specific reference to the terrorist threat from Iran and Hezbollah—which was not included in any of the drafts of the testimony—would have been appropriate for the 2015 assessment, but the lack of its inclusion is in no way a change in the IC’s assessment,” Clapper said in his June 3 letter.


Clapper responded by pointing to specific instances of intelligence officials warning of Iranian terror. The threat assessment is a general rather than detailed approach to anti-U.S. elements.

“During the 26 February open hearing on worldwide threats with the Senate Armed Services Committee, for which this assessment was prepared, I responded in the affirmative when Senator Ayotte asked whether I still categorize Iran as one of the largest state sponsors of terrorism in the world,” he said.

With this said, it seems an oversight to leave off of the list a country that you agree is the biggest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.  It is also very conspicuous that this occurred at the time that the administration was catching flack for the Iranian negotiations.  It might simply be that Clapper felt that it would be a case of stating the obvious.  It might be that this was not a detailing of why a group was a threat and, therefore, the listing of details would have been beyond its purview.  It also might have been the director’s way of keeping the heat off the president while Kerry gave Iran permission to build nukes.  Either way, it seems to have been bad judgment.


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