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Obama’s Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Homeland Security Advisor Resigns – Heads to Texas

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Published on: September 10, 2014

You’ll recall one member of Barack Obama’s Sharia and Homeland Security advisors Mohamed Elibiary from past articles. Elibiary not only claimed that America is an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution and believes that Islam is the antidote to terrorism. Last week, amid the claims that a terrorist threat was likely on the US-Mexican border by ISIS, the Islamic imam resigned his post as Homeland Security advisor to head down south to… Texas. The timing could not be more suspect.

Elibiary tweeted on September 3, 2014:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

On September 5, 2014, he tweeted out where he was heading:

Just a day before Elibiary’s resignation, Senior Airman Brian Kolfage

Nearly one year ago, the Canadian Revenue Agency (equivalent to the Internal Revenue Services) revoked the Islamic Society’s charitable exempt status after an audit revealed they distributed over $280,000 to a group linked to a Pakistani terror network.

The Islamic Society cooked the books to show that the money was being sent to the poor, when in reality the money was funding enemies of the United States and Canada.

How did President Barack Obama respond to these allegations against the Islamic Society?

He sent them a pre-recorded speech congratulating them on their 50 years of service to Muslims. Has the president done this for any Christian’s or Jewish groups? I’ll let you answer that.

With legal evidence mounting one would think the federal government would step up and mirror the Canadian’s actions and revoke the Islamic Society’s charity status here in the U.S.; anything less would be preposterous. However, the lack of action one year later could be directly related to President Obama’s recently promoted Homeland Security advisor, Mohamed Elibiary.

Elibiary should be a household name by now but somehow he’s remained low-key. He’s been the focus of many Congressional hearings due to the fact that he was handed a secret security clearance by the Obama administration and abused his access. Elibiary was accused of leaking classified documents to make Texas Gov. Rick Perry appear “Islamophobic” as reported by TheBlaze in 2011.

Following this severe security violation, President Obama promptly promoted Elibiary, who was exuberant to boast about it on his Twitter account.

The term “Islamophobic” was created in the early 1990’s by none-other than International Institute for Islamic Thought, another front group of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was “designed as a weapon to advance a totalitarian cause by stigmatizing critics and silencing them.”

Kolfage’s words are not just from some “angry white male.” He became a triple amputee, the most severely wounded Airman in US history, in fighting the very brotherhood that Elibiary supports, and how was he treated by the Obama Veterans Administration? Take a look for yourself here. His voice should be heeded.

While Elibiary claims that he doesn’t support ISIS, he does support a caliphate.


In fact, though his words say one thing, ISIS uses his words to advance their campaign. How about we support Christendom and not a caliphate Elibiary? Why was that not in the mix? I’ll tell you why. It’s because Elibiary holds to world domination by Islam. Remember the beheading jihadists in the EU holding the signs declaring as much? That’s what Elibiary supports.

It’s also interesting that we’ve been told that the southern border is an area of concern for a terrorist attack. Where is Elibiary going? To Texas, a border state. His stated goal is to establish a state level homeland security think tank. However, one must consider the timing and wonder if there is something else going on.

Additionally, Elibiary has not only founded Lone Star Intelligence LLC, but has also co-founded and serves as the director of North Texas Islamic Council.

In another article by Kolfage, he also points out:

As federal and state level governments persecute Christian religious practices, organizations such as Elibiary’s are stepping in to push their Islamic practices into our public systems.

The Freedom and Justice Foundation successfully lobbied the passage of Texas’s first Halal food law and for the institution of Islamic prayers that are recited by Imams in both chambers of the Texas State Legislature. This move will be his precedent to follow as he begins his next phase of work.

Elibiary’s work to Islamize the United States will never cease. He may have left his position at the Department of Homeland Security, but now he will wage a new war against Texan’s as he begins a new chapter for the caliphate.

Elibiary has been a vocal supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood until he was smacked down by enough Americans. The Muslim Brotherhood is the enemy of the United States. They have goals to destroy America just like the Communists do.

He has even accused the persecuted and oppressed Christians under Muslim Brotherhood rule of “inciting Muslims” to jihad, just as his boss Barack Obama did.

I call upon all Texans, especially Christian Texans to protest Elibiary and his Islamic think tank. If you don’t, you may wake up one day under the very Sharia you have been warned about.

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