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Obama’s Spokesliar Goes After Republican Candidates on Illegal Immigration

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Published on: September 17, 2015

White House Spokesliar Josh Earnest is at it again and probably at the behest of His Royal Majesty Obama. Before the GOP debates last night, Earnest “ridiculed Republican presidential candidates and GOP members of Congress” for not supporting His Royal Majesty’s immigration reform plan. It is another example of using an opportunity to spread false rhetoric in order to cast Republican candidates in a bad light.

“I think the president spoke at length about the kind of rhetoric we have seen from Republican candidates for president on the issue of immigration,” Earnest said. “I think the president was quite stark in suggesting it was un-American to single out and target those individuals just because of their race, ethnicity or immigration status.”

“We continue to take a lot of solace in knowing the business community, the law enforcement community, even the faith community all have indicated their support for commonsense immigration reform, that includes not just increased investment in border security, which are strongly supported by the president and were blocked because of opposition in Congress, but also things like a path to citizenship for those who are in this country and are basically American in every way except their papers,” Earnest said.

The “assistant” Liar-in-Chief or His Royal Highness Joe Biden on Tuesday slammed Donald Trump along with other Republicans accusing them of “xenophobia” and “being ‘sick’.”

Individuals who cross our borders or enter our nation without going through the proper immigration process are illegal aliens. Illegal alien is their immigration status. That is fact according to our immigration law, not rhetoric. The mass droves of individuals crossing our southern border through Mexico without going through proper channels constitute an invasion of illegal aliens, making these groups illegal alien invaders. Mixed with Mexicans are individuals from Central America, Africa and the Middle East. Border patrol discovered Muslim prayer rugs in the desert on the US side of the border, indicating many illegal alien invaders are Muslims.

The facts are the facts and truth is truth. It is never un-American to expose lies or speak and promote truth. In fact, it is the American thing to do. Some Republicans, like many other Americans, are calling it as they see it. Obama, his ilk, RINOs, and Democrats have a lot of nerve making the accusations parroted by Earnest when this administration “singles out and targets” American citizens based on race, religion, political affiliations, and support for gun ownership. This administration refuses to allow Middle Eastern Christians into our nation to provide them asylum and protection, but imports tens of thousands of unvetted Muslims, who are probably terrorists, each month.

What could be more astounding than the above? The administration is currently holding 27 Iraqi Christians, known as Chaldeans, in detention camps and is expected to deport half. These individuals have been in detention for six months while the administration releases illegal alien invader rapists, murderers, thieves and kidnappers into our communities. Earnest’s statements are hypocritical and false. Those who are un-American sit in the White House or work in the administration of HRM Obama. The people of America elected many to serve in both chambers of Congress.

It is no surprise “the big business community” supports illegal immigration and “commonsense immigration reform”; the companies want cheap labor and probably a means to thwart Obamacare mandates. The law enforcement community has its hands tied by this administration when it comes to “detaining” illegal alien invaders and those who commit additional crimes. Crossing the border illegally is a crime. Local governments in sanctuary cities provide safe haven to these criminals and those who commit additional crimes, in violation of the law. For the love of Pete, the faith communities are in violation of God’s law by violating constitutional, lawful immigration law assisting criminals thereby committing crimes themselves. These are individuals devoid of “faith.”

It appears all these “proclaimed” supporters are either stifled by the administration, are committing crimes themselves, or are self-serving, greedy, money grabbing corporations. How about that for some truth?

Earnest knows “investment in border security” is not the same as providing the nation with a secure border. He’s playing to ignorant America and trying to illicit sympathy for his “master” since “those nasty Republican candidates are against him.” Americans have seen in the past the “promise” of “increased investment in border security” that has done nothing to stem illegal alien crossings. What happened to all the money allocated for a fence along the border? Disappeared into thin air? Gone with the wind? With this current administration, the “naked emperor” refuses to enforce immigration law as part of a “hissy fit” because he does not get “his way” all the time. There is a child emperor sitting in the Oval Office supported by jesters, subversive anti-American administration officials, and insurrectionist political parties. In other words, America morphed into a bureaucratic, oligarchic idiocracy.

“Commonsense immigration reform” does not include awarding citizenship to criminals or providing amnesty to the same. US citizens paying attention know these illegal alien invaders are very anti-American in everything including their papers by their actions. Instead of coming to this nation to “be an American,” these people enter illegally to change this nation from the tenets of its founding to one of lawlessness, collapse our economy through receipt of social programs reserved for citizens, and work to supplant American culture with their own. These criminal invaders berate America, Americans and our culture while holding their hands out for the taxpayers to grease it. While there are some who do not fall into these categories, the majority do.

Commonsense is not so common these days. If anyone in Washington, DC had a bit, the problems with the immigration laws could be resolved. The awarding of US citizenship to babies born to mothers who cross the border illegally should cease. That one commonsense action could stop some of the problem. Illegal alien invaders should not receive any type of government assistance or have access to programs reserved for US citizens. A border “wall” instead of a fence, constructed properly with flanking towers every 500 -1000 feet, would inhibit illegal crossing. Border security includes border agents patrolling the border and performing the duty of arresting illegal alien invaders and crossers. Tell Mexico to stick it where the sun don’t shine as we have authority with what is done on our soil. Period, regardless of some inane agreement or precept of international relations violated by Mexico at every turn. Deport all illegal alien invaders back to the country of origin, no matter how long the individual has been in our country. Prosecute all US citizens who aid and abet illegal alien invaders according to the law. End the allowance of sanctuary cities and prosecute offending government officials. And, the number one commonsense intervention — enforce the immigration laws.

According to HRH Biden, all of this makes me a “xenophobe.” Okay, fine. If calling for lawfulness, enforcement of laws and holding lawbreakers and criminals accountable makes one a xenophobe, I’m a xenophobe and proud of it. Fortunately, I keep good company among the many Americans who support the Constitution and upholding of the law.

Democrats want illegal alien invaders in the nation to change the demographics for an increased voter base. Republicans, beholden to corporate America, usher in illegal alien invaders to provide “big business communities” with cheap labor. Several “ethnic” Congressmen declare their allegiance to the illegal alien invaders over the constituents these men should represent. This should clue the American people into the mindset of these “ethnicities.” The American citizens of this nation need to understand Congress shifted from legislating to engaging in theater. HRM Obama calls the shots, makes the law and tells Congress what to do, all illegally, of course. As citizens, we are chattel, fodder, and a money tree for Congress and this administration to exploit at every turn for the “good of government.”

In the words of Lily Tomlin’s Edith Ann, “and that’s the truth… pppfffffffffttt.”

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