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Oh My, The Death Count May Be High!

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Published on: April 24, 2020

Somebody once said the first casualty in war is the truth. Well, I do not doubt that, but now that we have a war, we also have wounded, we better start triage and call a trauma code. Some of you are going to be screaming, wait, I was asleep here in La La Land, what happened. I will bring you up to speed, it has been said COVID-19 is like Pearl Harbor, so they are saying we are at war. Being at war, we have a lot to do, and we are going to need all the help we can get. That is why we need triage.

Before I explain triage, I will explain casualty. A casualty is one hurt or killed in an accident or in war. That is why we need to do triage. Triage is how you prioritize emergency patients. In order to prioritize our wounded, we need to know how much help we have, and what can they do. To figure that out, we need to size up the scene. Besides a war against COVID-19, they have been fighting a war against Truth.  Truth is something they fear and fight, just like COVID-19. I have been defending Truth, but many people have been attacking Truth, and now, we have got wounded, a lot of wounded, and that is why we need to prioritize who can be saved, who has been killed, and what resources we have to do the job.

I realize some of you are wondering, how have we gone from one of my past articles saying that COVID-19 Is Really The Phony Flu, to now having mass casualties. You need to expect that. When you let people attack Truth, you get casualties and we got mass casualties. I will list some of them, and then we can decide if they are dead, walking wounded, easily savable, or really bad. Some of the main casualties are Truth, Church, Economy, and Our Children’s Future. Some of the other casualties are respect for people in public office, respect for people in the media, and President Trump’s image with his supporters.

The problem with treating some of these patients is the scene is not safe. Before you go in to treat a patient, you need the scene to be safe. You cannot treat the patient if you become a patient. Truth is still under attack. So, if we want to save Truth, we may need to work on that while under attack. I know, I said the scene must be safe, but we have to go in, or Truth will die. I am doing triage so, some of you are going to have to save Truth. She has been hurt pretty bad and she won’t last long. First of all, stop the attack. Get some of the deputies and officers to stop people like Nancy, Chuck, and Big Media from stabbing Truth in the back. Once you stop the attack, you must prevent future attacks. Get your people to guard Truth with everything they have. Truth cannot handle many more attacks or she will die. Whenever you see a threat to Truth, you better defend her with everything you have.

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Look, I know you are going to say you cannot defend Truth because Tolerance is going to get in the way. Tolerance cannot be saved because Tolerance has been attacking Truth for a long time. This is triage. You have to save who you can, because you cannot save everyone. Look, without Truth, Tolerance cannot survive. If you are tolerating evil and deception, it can kill everything, so you better safe Truth.

Once you’ve stopped the attack, treat Truth’s wounds. You do this by exposing all the lies you can. Tolerating lies hurts Truth’s chances for survival. Tell Big Media they are done, tell them you want nothing to do with Big Media. You need to be honest with yourself, if Truth cannot live in you, how will Truth be able to live anywhere else? Attitude is important, tell Truth you want her to live. You better be sincere because her survival depends on you. Truth is important. The survival of our other patients may depend on her.

Church’s survival depends on Truth. Many people have made the mistake of thinking Church needed Tolerance to survive. They are wrong. Tolerance has been attacking Church as bad as he has been attacking Truth. Now, Church is hurt so bad, that Church’s survival is in question. The Devil is the king of deception, so he always attacks Truth first.  Once Truth is gone, he hurts Church, because without Truth, Church is defenseless. The problem with tolerating Truth being gone is that it is like forgetting to treat your patients for shock. You can treat all your patient’s wounds, but if shock sets in, they may die, even if their wounds did not kill them.

When the patient gets shock, they can get low blood pressure, and then the body’s tissues will lack oxygen (hypoxia). When shock gets bad, perfusion stops. Perfusion is the passage of blood through the body into the tissue. Yes, blood travels through the arteries and veins, but your organs need oxygen so perfusion is kind of a quick way of explaining a complicated process. In your lungs, the good things (like oxygen) are going into your blood, and at your organs, the good things (like oxygen) are coming out of your blood. The blood supplies good things like oxygen and removes bad things (like waste) out of the body. When a patient goes into shock, and if it is allowed to get bad enough, the perfusion stops. Once perfusion stops it gets difficult to save the patient. Infants and children need to be watched very closely because they can compensate for their injuries, and then crash. One minute their vitals will be good, and then they tank. Then you know you got trouble.

As you diagnose the Church, what do you see? Is the perfusion happening? Is Truth getting to the people? Are the bad things getting removed? Things like deception and fear? If you do not remove the bad things, the body gets so polluted that it dies. If the good things, like Truth, do not come in, the body starves. Tolerance tells you to ignore any injury, or contamination, that comes to the body. Bravery and trust in God tell you that bad and good are a normal part of life, but they need perfusion to make the process work. The body needs the perfusion to feed and clean the organs, so the body remains healthy. You are part of the Church’s body. We are the organs. Some of you need to be like kidneys and clean out the bad. Some of you need to be like the lungs and bring in the good. Without both, the body will die.

Look at the COVID-19 situation. The churches have shut down. Sure, people claim that they can watch it online, but look at the Bible. Where does the Bible say being a spectator substitutes for being part of the body of Christ? Where does the Bible say tolerating deception will not damage the body? Look at what the Bible says about allowing fear to control us. The church is in shock, the perfusion is about to stop.  Which one of you is going to work on the Church? Do not tell me revival is going to show up and raise the Church from the dead. God does not want you to let your patient die, and assume revival will fix your failure. Get to work. I need to go check the Economy.

Economy looks bad. The wizards on Wall Street have shot her up with pain killers for so long that she can no longer handle pain. The problem is pain killers, such as narcotics, are addicting and they can hide more serious problems. Narcotics can also become a more serious problem than for what the narcotics were originally taken. I have written numerous articles about Economy so, I am going to move on to the next patient. If we do not save Truth and Church, Economy will not matter. Remember, Jesus said in Mathew 16, verse 26: “For is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own sole? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” Think of Bill Gates or any other powerful person. If you let the appearance of them having the world lead you astray, you may be exchanging your soul for deception and fear.

That brings me to our last patient, “Our Children’s Future.” Frankly, I am ashamed of myself and many of the people with which I have been associated. We got suckered into letting fear and deception destroy much of the country for many years. This COVID-19 is just a symptom of a greater problem that has been going on for a long time. Walk into any church and talk to the leadership about the schools polluting our children’s minds. If you want to know why the wicked hate the church, it is because the leaders of most churches are afraid of everything, and they will stand up to nothing. The church leaders are afraid that the wicked will not be happy with them so, they are more concerned about making people happy instead of making them healthy. Telling a homosexual the church hates the sin but loves the sinner, is like giving a drug addict narcotics until you kill them with an overdose. You loved them to death. That is the church today: avoid the pain, get no gain.

Jesus said in Mathew 6, verse 24: “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mam’-mon.” Mam’mon is Riches; wealth or the god of riches. We should want God to be our master. If we are a slave to fear, we cannot serve God. Who is controlling the church today? One of the definitions of master is “A lord; a ruler; one who has supreme dominion.” Dominion is the “right of governing” Supreme is “Highest authority; holding the highest place in government and or power.” Serve is “to obey.”

Ask yourself, what has COVID-19 proved? Who is calling the shots? Who is the church obeying? Who is the church serving? If the church is closed, you have your answer. If the church is afraid, you have your answer. If the preacher talks about the football game more than obeying God, you have your answer. If your church is more concerned about the unsaved feeling comfortable in your church than your church being obedient to God, you have your answer. If your church is more concerned about keeping things as they are, you have your answer.

Once you have answered those questions, you know how sick your patient is. You know what kind of future your children will have. You know what you need to change, so your children’s future is not to, “gain the whole world, and lose his own sole,” but live in a county loyal to God. It does not matter what age your children are, you have a duty to their future, young and old, regardless of your age.

Triage is done, let’s get busy.

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