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Ohio: Body Cam Shows Cops Drag Paraplegic Dad Out Of Car By His Hair – Attack Him Over Window Tint

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Published on: October 12, 2021

Editor’s Note: The following is just another reason why the “War on Drugs” is really a war on liberty and these officers clearly violated the provisions of the Fourth Amendment.  Notice the claims that the “money” smelled of “illegal drugs” and therefore the assumption is that it was in close proximity to “illegal drugs.”  Assumption, not proven.  Not trying to take up for Mr. Owensby’s character here at all, but pointing out the criminal nature of what these “officers” were doing.

Dayton, OH — As TFTP reported last week, Clifford Owensby of Dayton, Ohio, recently learned the violent and oppressive lengths the American police state will go to enforce window tint extortion laws. Owensby, who had committed no crime, was targeted by police, assaulted, and then sent on his way because of the arbitrary darkness of his window tint. Over the weekend, body camera footage was released released by police, showing just how brutal cops are willing to be over the darkness of a man’s windows — and skin too.

Thought the cellphone footage was bad enough, after independent media outlets ran the story last week, this week, the body camera footage is forcing them to cover it. It is nothing short of disgusting.

Owensby’s nightmare started last month when he and his grandson were out running errands. As Owensby was driving down the street, harming no one, police targeted him for extortion because his window tint was at 20 percent. The interaction was captured on both body camera footage and cellphone footage.

As the video shows, an officer approaches the vehicle and tells the innocent father that his window tint is too dark before later demanding that he exit the vehicle so a drug dog and smell his car.

Owensby then explained to the officer that he couldn’t get out of the vehicle as he didn’t have his wheelchair and had gotten help getting in the car.

“I’m paraplegic,” Owensby says multiple times. “I got help getting in.”

“Well, I’ll help you get out,” the officer replies.

“Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen, sir,” Owensby says.

The officer then tells Owensby that they are going to run a drug dog around his car — because Owensby has been arrested in the past — and uses this threat as the last straw.

Owensby then calls a family member and asks them to come down to film the interaction.

“Bring cameras,” he said to his phone before asking for a supervisor.

“Here’s the thing, I’m going to pull you out and then I’ll call a white shirt. Because you’re getting out of the car,” the officer said. “That’s not an option. You’re getting out this car, so you can cooperate and get out of the car or I will drag you out of the car. Do you see your two options here?”

Moments later, as the video shows, Owensby is dragged from the car by his hair and thrown to the ground like a rag doll — over window tint.

As no drugs or contraband were found, cops had to seemingly make up charges on which to justify the treatment of Owensby. He was cited for his child being in the wrong car seat and improper window tint.

“The video of this police interaction is very concerning,” Dayton mayor Nan Whaley said in a statement provided to NPR. “That is why, immediately following this incident, the city released the body camera footage. Everyone involved is owed a thorough investigation, and one is already underway.”

“To pull this man out of the car, by his hair — a paraplegic — is totally unacceptable, inhumane and sets a bad light on our great city of Dayton, Ohio,” NAACP president Derrick L. Foward told WaPo.

Naturally, however, the police union disagrees and they are defending the cops for dragging this dad from his car over the stop.

“The officers followed the law, their training and departmental policies and procedures,” Jerome Dix, president of Dayton Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #44 said. “Sometimes the arrest of noncompliant individuals is not pretty, but is a necessary part of law enforcement to maintain public safety, which is one of the fundamental ideologies of our society.”

The Dayton Police Department’s Professional Standards Bureau is now investigating the incident and says it will share the results when the investigation is complete.


Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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