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Ohio: Cops Told Killer He Could Break Into Home – He Did & Murdered Woman 8 Minutes Later (Video)

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Published on: May 15, 2021

“My daughter Brianna Wilson was stabbed to death on February 5, 2021, 8 minutes after police officers cleared the scene of her house after they were called for a domestic disturbance, she’s dead.”

Sydney, OH — Videos and testimonies obtained by the Free Thought Project paint an utterly tragic picture entailing potentially criminal police incompetence. Doug Wilson experienced every father’s worst nightmare in February of this year when his 27-year-old daughter, Brianna Wilson was stabbed to death in her own home. The killer, 20-year-old Riley Barger, was given permission by police to break into the home and 8 minutes later, Brianna would be killed.

The Free Thought Project talked with Doug Wilson who tells us that the police are remaining tight lipped and not helping him seek justice at all. According to Doug, the incident happened after Brianna asked Barger to leave her home, at which he had no permission to be.

“Brianna’s cousin, Riley Barger had been staying there because he quit his job and was evicted from his apartment,” Doug explained. “The stay was only to last a couple of weeks but turned into over a month. Riley met a homeless girl on the internet and tried to move her in, but Brianna wasn’t going to allow it. While Brianna was at work, he snuck the girl into Brianna’s house and posted pictures on Facebook. Brianna found out and wanted Riley out of the house. On February 5, while Riley and this girl were at a hotel, Brianna nicely boxed up Riley’s belongings and placed them outside. This is where the police first arrive.”

Doug sent TFTP all the videos of the incident which are in chronological order below. He explained the police were called in order to have Barger kicked out, but they did the opposite.

“Riley had no job, no money, did not pay rent, had no utility bills in his name, had no mail coming to Brianna’s house, and did not have permission from the homeowner, (Brianna’s grandfather). By definition, this makes him a “house guest” not a “legal tenant”.  The police are trying to maintain that Riley had a right to be at the house, which would make this a domestic disturbance. Either way, the Sidney Police Department did not follow protocols for either situation,” explained Doug.

According to the police report, officers told Doug, “Since (Barger) lives there, he was allowed to gain entry any way he needed to,” which included “even breaking a window,” as Barger and Wilson had apparently discussed with officers. Police suggested Wilson “have him evicted” through the municipal court system, and “explained to her that we could not keep him out of the house and neither could she because he had a legal right to be there.”

However, as explained by Doug above, this was simply not true. We reached out to Sidney Police Chief, William Balling, who repeated the claims, however, and told us that this was a civil action and there was no evidence of criminal conduct, despite a man who had no permission to be at a home that wasn’t his, breaking into that home.

“The police were called over a civil action and there was no evidence of criminal conduct upon which charges could or should have been issued. Currently a criminal prosecution is being handled by the Shelby County Prosecutor Tim Sell and is pending in Shelby County Common Pleas Court. Mr. Sell and our lead investigator Captain Jerry Tangeman have met with Mr. Wilson,” Balling told the Free Thought Project.

Because police treated this as a civil matter, and not a criminal one, Brianna was murdered. Doug breaks down the events in the videos below which show how the incident unfolded.

At the 4:30 mark, Riley reaches into his stuff and puts something in his pocket, I believe this is the knife, while the police officer is in his car watching. This is also when Brianna turns towards the watching officer, raises her hands and “possibly” asks for help.

At the 6:27 mark, four people go to the front porch and three return, this is when Riley broke the front window and gained entry in front of both police officers.

Moments later Brianna was stabbed to death. Since that day, Doug tells TFTP that he’s tried to seek justice only to be railroaded after every turn.

“I have spoken with the lead detective Jerry Tangeman and felony prosecutor Tim Sell. Both of these men are idiots,” Doug explained. “With the surveillance video, I was able to back the prosecutor into a corner with my questions. I should not be able to do this.”

“I spoke with the Mayor of Sidney, Mike Barhorst. Very feeble, only knows what he reads in the paper and has no permission to speak to the chief of police, William Balling. William Balling is still avoiding the press and still has not made a formal statement,” he said. “I have tried to call out the Ohio Attorney General, Dave Yost on social media, they only remove my post.”

Doug has taken his case to top officials at the state who are also unable to help.

“I have spoken with a representative from Congressman Jim Jordan’s office shortly after Brianna’s death. It was positive, but said they couldn’t get involved unless it was an officer involved shooting or other type of police wrong-doing,” he explained.

Local media picked up on the story originally but unfortunately, even with video evidence, it has gone nowhere.

“Since new evidence obtained by WHIO channel 7, Sean Cudahy, shows the officers gave Riley permission to break the window, I have sent to the videos to Congressman Jim Jordan’s Lima Ohio and Washington D.C. offices. Both offices received the videos, I have NOT heard from Jim Jordan or one of his representatives,” Doug told TFTP via email.

Sadly, Doug not only lost his daughter in this incident, but the ones who claim to protect society have abandoned him and essentially facilitated it her death. A tragedy indeed.

“The officers in this case were wrong, and they f**king know it!” Doug told TFTP.

Doug is now seeking out an attorney to help him in this case. If you know someone who may be able to help, please contact TFTP and we will pass this information along [email protected]

Below are the videos.

In the short video below, cops have returned, Brianna is seen stopping Riley from breaking the window and raises her hands, asking police for help.

In the next video, Riley flees the house after stabbing Brianna.

The video with the entire series of events is below. The 4:30 and 6:27 markers in the video are important as described above.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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