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Oklahoma Bill Would Recognize The Rights Of The People To Carry In Capitol – Despite Recognizing It In Their Constitution

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Published on: January 1, 2019

Honestly, the fact that we have the Second Amendment should be all that is necessary for people to either open or conceal carry anywhere they please, as law-abiding citizens are not a threat.  However, now that people have been so brainwashed and indoctrinated to actually think that pretended laws on the books are actual laws when they are undermining the law, representatives are forced to write new laws to uphold the original ones rather than simply abolishing the pretended laws.  Such is the case in Oklahoma where a new bill would recognize the God-given rights of the people declared in both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights to both “keep and bear arms,” even in government buildings such as the Capitol building.

Dana Loesch of NRATV interviews Don Spencer, President of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, regarding the proposed Oklahoma bill that would allow permit holders to carry inside the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Senate Bill 38 has been pre-filed for the 2019 legislative session and would “authorize any person with a valid handgun license to enter the State Capitol with their firearm after presenting their license to a peace officer at a security checkpoint.”

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Part of the wording here is a concern as it actually reads as though people need government “authorization” or a “valid handgun license” to exercise a God-given right.  While I appreciate the fact that these men are attempting to remove restrictions and regulations to people’s rights, they need to be appealing to the fact that they are not in a position to permit anyone anything regarding their rights nor make a demand to pay the state for a license for the privilege of exercising those rights.

This is what many simply do not get.  We don’t need government permission to assemble, to practice the Christian religion in the public square, to engage in freedom of speech, to be a journalist, to petition our government for redress of grievances, to keep troops out of our homes, to stop unjustified searches and seizures of our property without a warrant and a host of other rights our tyrannical beast has usurped authority over.

According to the bill:

Any person in possession of a valid handgun license issued pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, when entering the State Capitol building through a security checkpoint attended by a commissioned peace officer, shall be authorized to proceed through the security checkpoint upon presentation of the valid handgun license. Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize a peace or security officer to remove or inspect any weapon or restrain any person carrying a properly concealed loaded or unloaded handgun without probable cause that a crime has been committed.

Here’s the problem as I see it.  Oklahoma claims to support the US Constitution and, no doubt, the Declaration of Independence.  Both documents would affirm that rights are given to the people by their Creator and the Second Amendment is clear that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Since that acknowledgment would understand that the right to keep and bear arms is unlimited by law-abiding citizens, what business does any government, be it federal, state or local have in usurping its authority to claim it can regulate that right?  None.

Yet, this is exactly what Oklahoma has done, and I would say unlawfully, in its Constitution.

According to Section II-26 of the Bill of Rights of the Oklahoma State Constitution:

The right of a citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person, or property, or in aid of the civil power, when thereunto legally summoned, shall never be prohibited; but nothing herein contained shall prevent the Legislature from regulating the carrying of weapons.

OK, so if the citizen has a right from God, and the state acknowledges that by acknowledging the Second Amendment and even here stating “The right of a citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person, or property,… shall never be prohibited,” then how can they come right behind that and declare, “but nothing herein contained shall prevent the Legislature from regulating the carrying of weapons”?

They are speaking out of both sides of their mouths.  If a person enters government buildings armed, whether concealed or open, they are using their right in defense of not only their person but possibly the lives of the people around them from potential criminals who will ignore stupid legislation that seeks to disarm law-abiding citizens.

As far as I can see, by the Oklahoma Constitution’s own words, it seeks to infringe on the rights of the people while declaring they have rights.  However, both cannot be true.

While I applaud the effort here, the language needs a minor adjustment to read that the government simply recognizes the rights of the people not “allows” them to do anything.

Article posted with permission from Guns In The News

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