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Old Common Core Standards Companies Are Up To More Undermining America

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Published on: June 10, 2019

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, we know Pearson Publishing is one of the WORST companies to be involved in education. However, besides PP, there are other really bad education (or so they claim) companies out there as well.

Today’s article is all about some of the CCSS Machine’s latest ads which are meant to pull you into the trap that workforce based and SEL (social emotional learning)based education are the saving graces of America.


Certiport By Pearson Vue:

Warriors, the ad (not seen below) I saw on social media was crystal clear in its intent. A seamless transition from school to work with Certiport’s credentialized system.


To see the badging video, go here.

To read about the Pearson company, go here.

To see and read the ‘white paper’, find that, here.

Other Certiport news bits: the company has been around since 1997 and is in 148 countries in 26 different languages. By having Pearson Certiport credentials your resume will stand out and your academic performance in the classroom will soar.

One concern which stood out to me is if you are receiving a certificate for your own small business, why is Pearson only equipping you with ‘middle skills’? What are ‘middle skills’? Look below for Harvard University’s answer:


Warriors, here’s a question, since on-line learning is set to wipe out jobs and professions, what happens when it wipes out the brick and mortar trade schools and/or community colleges? These are ‘middle skills’ territory. Most are the two-year‘ stepping stone’ to jobs and or 4-year colleges.

You can find Certiport in the US under Cengage, Learn Key, Inc., Total Seminars, Total Training, NY Wired for Education (Metrix), and, Pearson.

Lead2Feed (L2F) :

Next up, in the education hype category, is a ‘feel good, do good’organization which gives free (and comprehensive) SEL (social emotional), CTE (Career Tech Education), CCSS (Common Core State Standards), 21st Century Skills (21st Century Readiness), PBL (Project Based Learning), and literacy to any school or community group who registers. It’s called “Lead2Feed”. The curriculum is based off a business model, not an education model.

L2F Board members (tied to education) can be found representing CTE (from TX, CA, and, OR), Gifted/Talented(OH and VA), AP, faith-based, special education, business education, agriculture science, consumer science, IT, social science, and, principals.

L2F is geared for 6th to 12th graders. It unites education and the community with ‘innovation’. It’s been around since 2012. The Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learningand the Lift a Life Foundation are the co-founding groups. They have chosen
the former CEO of “Yum!” brand foods*, David Novak to base all their curriculum off of. (*Note: while you may not recognize “Yum!”, you will recognize Pizza HutTaco Bell, and, KY Fried Chicken“Yum!” is the parent to all of these companies.)

Mr. Novak has written a book titled “Taking People With You: The Only Way to Make Big Things Happen”. According to the L2F lesson sample, Novak is stated to be an ‘expert’ in leadership and recognition culture.

What’s ‘recognition culture’? Basically, it’s a way to incentivize employees for better job performance. It’s a leveraging tool, Warriors.

Why would the Foundation for Literacy and Learning, as well as the Lift a Life Foundation choose Mr. Novak? Novak’s family IS Lift a Life Foundation!

(Original source)

To learn about the Global Game Changers, visit their website.

To see the Univ. of MO’s article on the $21.6 million dollar gift, go here.

Lumina, 2019:

Warriors, this long time CCSS Machine member group hasn’t slowed down its education overreaches ONE bit.


To see Lumina’s stance on federal overreaches in education, go here.

Has anyone questioned groups like Lumina to see where in the U.S. Constitution federal overreaches are legal? If not, why not? These groups shouldn’t push unconstitutional activities in D.C. If we haven’t stopped groups like this, why not?!
, back in March 2019, I showed you how Lumina, the Gates Foundation, and, others, were actively setting up our kids for what workforce collar they would wear.
In February of this year, I showed you how Lumina’soverreaches were felt around the globe (and especially here in the US) for PBL (Project Based Learning), the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and, more.


Warriors, we don’t have to look too far back in history to see haughty looks from young people groomed for a collective society where everyone is a productive member. Is this really what America’s being reshaped for?

I believe not only IS this the reality, but it’s among us and growing daily.


Lastly, if you’re not sure how important the differences between being a free citizen in an independent nation and being a controlled citizen of a dependent nation are, watch this short YouTube video.

If we’re not stopping the corporate and legislative overreaches, I want to know WHY. I bet you do, too!

Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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