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Oliver Cromwell Saved His Country – America, You Can Do the Same!

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Published on: October 26, 2015

Romans 8:31 says, “… if God be for us, who can be against us?”

Oliver Cromwell was a great man of God who fought for his country and was under attack by his king, Charles I. Charles was unlawfully taking people’s property without permission, he was decreeing things that were unlawful to decree, was hurting people if they spoke against the his crimes, and engaged in all kinds of tyranny and treason against his people.

Oliver Cromwell loved his country and most of all, he loved God; so much so, that he knew he was not going to back down in the face of danger. Cromwell, just like William Wallace, did not sit idly by and say, “There is nothing we can do about it, Jesus is coming back, he is going to take care of it, don’t worry about it.”

No! He did not say that and because he did not say that, he fought to restore his country back to freedom from the hand of tyranny.

You see, Oliver Cromwell and men like him such as William Wallace, Sir Thomas More, (A man who stood against another king of England for disobeying what the Bible says), Martin Luther, and others who fought to rid their country of tyranny, won the victory because they were obedient and faithful to God and to do what the Lord told them to do!

In many cases, people had to die, such as Sir Thomas More who had to get his head lopped off for speaking against his king. William Wallace was also killed, but he won freedom for his people.

My point is this: If other people like Cromwell can do it, so can you. If other people can fight for their countries, so can you.

John Knox, a famous preacher of the Scottish Reformation said, “A man with God is always in the majority.”

Cromwell said in a nutshell, “If I have to fight for this country myself I will do it.” Why? Because he knew that one man with God is always a majority.

America, we can win the day, but only with God on our side (Or rather us on His side). We need to take back America! And that starts with you!

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