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Oops! UK Home to 23,000 Islamic Jihadis, not 3,000 as Previously Claimed

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Published on: May 27, 2017

Well, it looks like Britain has misled its people on how many vipers are currently residing in the United Kingdom.  While it was previously admitted that 3,000 Islamic jihadists were in Britain, the reality is more like 23,000, according to government sources.

On May 25, the UK Metro reported that 3,000 Islamic jihadists were living in the UK.

Most of them are believed to be British and are a part of 500 active investigations being led by MI5 at the moment.

The figures come as it was revealed that a total of 18 plots have been foiled since 2013, including five since the Westminster attack in March this year.

However, that number was shattered following the Manchester Islamic terror attack by The Times, which identified 23,000 jihadists living in Britain as potential terrorist attackers.

The scale of the challenge facing the police and security services was disclosed by Whitehall sources after criticism that multiple opportunities to stop the Manchester bomber had been missed.

About 3,000 people from the total group are judged to pose a threat and are under investigation or active monitoring in 500 operations being run by police and intelligence services. The 20,000 others have featured in previous inquiries and are categorised as posing a “residual risk”.

Currently, Islamic jihad suspects are being arrested on a “near daily basis,” according to Senior National Co-ordinator for Counter Terrorism Neil Basu.  His revelations came following the attack in Manchester.

“I wanted to reassure the public that our increased activity to combat terrorism over the last two years continues,” he said in a statement following police apprehending a migrant carrying a rucksack filled with knives in Whitehall and also a shooting involving a woman in a niqab in a raid to foil an “active plot” in Willesden.

“Activity continues around the clock to identify and stop these threats,” said Basu.  “We are making arrests on a near daily basis.”

Basu praised detectives and policemen for their bravery.

“There are constant acts of immense bravery by officers – armed and unarmed – those that the public see when our officers run towards danger, just like yesterday, but a huge amount of unseen work that the public will never know about from us and our brilliant security service,” he said.

Director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham, Anthony Glees, claims that there are “between 6,000 and 10,000” jihadists in Britain.

“About 1,000 young British Muslims have left the freedom of the UK to travel to the Middle East and become murderous foot soldiers of Islamic State,” Glees wrote in the Daily Mail.  “Of that large group, 400 are believed to have returned. Only a tiny fraction – fewer than ten – have ever been brought to justice for their treachery.”

“To have 23,000 potential killers in our midst is horrifying. We should double the size of MI5, as we did in World War Two, and expand the number of intelligence-led police by thousands,” he said.  “We can’t go on as if this wasn’t happening.”

Colonel Richard Kemp, a former member of the COBRA committee and Joint Intelligence Committee and commander of British forces in Helmand, Afghanistan is calling up strict measures to deal with all foreign nationals who are on the terror watchlist that cannot be prosecuted.  He wants them deported or interned.

“Every single person who we have intelligence upon, who is known to be involved in terrorism, who is not a UK citizen, and who we cannot prosecute in the courts, we get rid of out this country. We deport them; we send them back to where they came from,” he said.  “We do not allow them to roam free on our streets and murder, and maim, and disfigure our children in the way they did in Manchester recently.”

This is the mess we get into when we allow foreign gods among us.  We invite destruction upon ourselves by doing this and allowing open worship of any and every god publicly.  Remember, there is no God-given right to worship false gods.  Today, we see the UK trying to dismantle their stupid policies regarding the followers of Islam.  Tomorrow, this will be the US.

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