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Orwell’s Ministry Of Truth Vows Ramping Up Censorship Of Vaccine Information Ahead Of Execution

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Published on: December 3, 2020

Dubbing it “misinformation,” Facebook has promised to censor any information that goes against the official tyrannical narrative that says we should all submit to the new COVID-19 vaccine. The tech giant has updated its misinformation policies ahead of the first batch of vaccines being administered next week.

The ruling class and their puppets really don’t want people to decline this vaccine. They are doing everything in their power to sell this snake oil to as many people as possible.

As the UK is on the brink of starting to administer COVID-19 vaccinations, Facebook has updated its misinformation policy to reflect that it will remove false claims about vaccines. The tech giant updated its Coronavirus Newsroom post on Thursday with its commitment to taking down false information that has been debunked by public health experts regarding vaccines across Facebook and Instagram. –CNET

To date, Facebook says it has pulled down around 12 million pieces of content of this type on Facebook and on Instagram, which it also owns. That’s a lot of censorship over a statistically irrelevant virus. But they are doubling down on the censorship. You do not have freedom of speech anymore and you don’t have the right to consume whatever information you decide is right for you.  The tech giants and government has made the decision for everyone. Comply or be punished.

If this vaccine was so great, and the savior of humanity as it’s being portrayed, they wouldn’t have to try so hard to silence dissenters.

The United Kingdom said on Wednesday that it has approved the Pfizer vaccination for use and plans to start administering it next week.

Facebook said that in the UK it is working closely with the government and the NHS to support their communication plans when it comes to rolling out the vaccine. In the newsroom post, the company outlined the kind of material it expects to remove. –CNET

What a fancy way to say that the elitists, corporations, and the ruling class will work together to silence and censor the peasants and slaves into submission.

I wonder if Facebook and the governments of the world can “read between the lines” on our hands…

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

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