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OSU Students Say Police Went too Far in Shooting Muslim Terrorist – Add His Name to List of People Killed by Police

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Published on: December 12, 2016

As the media attempted to get us to submit to Islam, a Muslim jihadist named Abdul Razak Ali Artan went on vehicular jihad ramming into students and then jumping out to slash and stab them with a knife. Some of the poor little snowflakes at Ohio State University are now saying that police went too far in shooting the follower of Muhammad and have even added his name to a list of people of color killed by police.

Law Newz reports:

Since October, the Coalition for Black Liberation at Ohio State University has been keeping a list of people of color killed by law enforcement. Now the group added a new name: Abdul Razak Ali Artan. That should sound familiar. He’s the student who went on a stabbing rampage at the school in late November, injuring eleven. A campus police officer shot and killed him, and the group says it’s actually an example of law enforcement going too far. That’s why they held a rally on Wednesday.

Senior Maryam Abidi read a eulogy in front of the group that gathered near the Ohio State University library on Wednesday afternoon.  She said of the list, which now includes Artan:

“In some cases, the deceased may have committed acts of violence against others before they were killed,” she said, according to The Lantern. “Perhaps they were domestic abusers. Perhaps they threatened or killed others. This possibility is not something to shy away from. The protest against police brutality extends to the innocent and the guilty alike because we know that no matter the crime, justice and due process don’t come from a cop’s bullet.”

“You can understand where an act of violence comes from without condoning that act of violence,” English Professor Pranav Jani told the outlet.

One has to wonder if these students here are capable of thinking logically about anything. While I can most certainly agree that there are over zealous and corrupt policemen who do not understand when a gun is necessary to use and when it is not, this is not the case in this incident as taking down the attacker was an act of love for all those being attacked.

This was not the only ridiculous thing that came from the attack. More liberal gun grabbers were calling for gun confiscation laws amid what was clearly a knife and vehicle attack. It’s funny that they don’t call for banning cars or knives, isn’t it. However, I’m sure those cries will be heard soon too.

Yet, there was some sanity surrounding the campus. Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus used the attack as a means to point out why students do not need to have their rights infringed upon. They were also joined by Miss Ohio in calling for students to be able to be armed and protect themselves on campus rather than be made victims by bureaucrats.

In this particular case, I think these OSU protesters went too far in opening their mouths to promote this ridiculous notion that Artan was a victim. He was the attacker. There’s an old saying, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

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