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Other 3 Ex-Minneapolis Officers Charged, Derek Chauvin’s Charges Increased in Murder of George Floyd

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Published on: June 3, 2020

Once again, this took long enough!  Not only did it take days to charged Derek Chauvin, who was caught on video murdering George Floyd but it has taken nearly a week to charge his officers as accomplices in the murder, but now all three former Minneapolis police officers have been charged and Chauvin’s charges have been increased.

Though it was a cold-hearted murder at the pleas of a man to simply breathe that were ignored, the charges against Chauvin have increased to second degree murder.  I’m guessing jihadi Attorney General Keith Ellison thinks that the people may come after him if he doesn’t get this right.

RT has the story.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is charging the three other officers involved in the George Floyd killing, and Derek Chauvin will now face a second degree murder charge, Senator Amy Klobuchar confirmed on Wednesday.

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Footage of Chauvin pressing his knee onto Floyd’s neck – despite the prone man saying he couldn’t breathe – went viral and drew widespread condemnation. The officer was fired over the incident and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

Protesters across the nation have demanded the three other officers at the scene — which originated as a response to a suspected forgery — be held accountable as well.

“This is another important step for justice,” the senator tweeted.

The three other officers – Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane – will be charged with aiding and abetting second degree murder, according to the Star Tribune. Ellison is expected to make an official announcement on Wednesday afternoon.

The attorney general only recently took over the case at the request of Governor Tim Walz. It was previously being handled by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.

Floyd’s death has sparked major anti-police brutality protests across the US, and while many were peaceful, others devolved into looting, riots and violence. The National Guard has been activated in several states to help quell the unrest and curfews put in place in New York City, Nashville, and other areas.

While numerous videos of riot police lashing out at protesters and journalists have gone viral in recent days, police officers have also become the target of violence, including retired captain David Dorn who was killed while trying to stop a burglary in St. Louis, Missouri.

Yeah, Klobuchar, it’s a step, but with the rioting and looting taking place, I think the bill needs to be sent to Keith Ellison personally for not dealing with this properly the moment it occurred.

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