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Our Forefathers Fought The Nazis, Traitors Supported Them & Brought Them To The US – Now, One Just Spoke Got A Standing Ovation From Congress (Video)

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Published on: December 22, 2022

Our forefathers fought the Nazis in Germany, only to have traitors in our midst, including the father and grandfather of George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, help sneak them into the US under Operation Paperclip.  Now, the US Congress invited a Nazi from Ukraine, President Vladimir Zelensky, a Nazi in his own right, to speak to them.  What’s more is that they gave him a standing ovation.  Where is the outrage?

Take a look as this sodomite Nazi addresses the US Congress to do nothing more than demand more money from us after billions have been sent to him.

Political commentator Pamela Geller wrote:

The Congress’s worst moment. Ever.

The now perennially embarrassing Congress just gave corrupt dictator Zelensky a standing ovation after he demanded more money from us, the relentlessly besieged American taxpayer. He said he hasn’t been give enough. 100 billion isn’t enough.

This is the Vietnam generation……remember that?

War is Not Healthy For Children And Other Living Things!
Make Love, Not War!

Zelensky has crushed free speech, banned the church and provided an outlet bioweapon labs and  corrupt American politicans to launder billions of US taxpayer dollars.

And the mocking was merciless:

“I’ll give him this: He speaks better English than our President. And Our Vice President. And our Speaker of the House,” podcast host Gerry Callahan wrote on Twitter, mocking President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“And [Zelensky] dresses better than the slob Pennsylvanians just sent to the Senate,” Callahan added, taking a cheap shot at Sen.-elect John Fetterman (D-Pa.), one of the New York Times’s “most stylish” people of 2022.

Kyle Poen, a regional coordinator with Students for Life, echoed Callahan in a Twitter post, noting that the non-native English speaker’s oratory skills surpassed that of the 80-year-old president.

It was a treasonous moment.  It was a slap in the face of every veteran that fought against the Nazis and it was a slap in the face of these united States.

For those who didn’t see this marine earlier this year when he spoke about looking at what his country has become and weeping over it, take a look and know that actions like this is what is breaking his heart.

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