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Out of His Own Mouth (Video): The President Wants to Mobilize Military Rapidly to Distribute Cornavirus Vaccination – Why Does He Need the Military to Do That? You Do Not Need To Force Health Upon the People!

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Published on: May 15, 2020

“Create the problem, and then come in behind the problem (That they created) and play the problem solvers = Heroes. The oldest deceptive Tyrannical game known to mankind.”

A perfect example of how a government creates a crisis and then plays the problem solver is in the latest episode in the ongoing coronavirus narrative. We now have the American government playing the problem solver by creating a vaccination for a virus that they cannot even prove.

This government, by the way, has continuously kept the people in this country in a perpetual state of emergency with the use of fear (2 Timothy 1:7).

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Of course, there is something much more sinister at play here. Outside of the fact that Bill Gates and His board member Anthony Fauci are pushing to not only depopulate the world, but also to make a bundle in this forced deal. This is coming at you no matter how many times that they have been exposed, as well as being debunked (Luke 12:2) concerning their contrived and fabricated narrative.

Why is The Defense Department Purchasing 500 Million ApiJect Syringes? Military Vaccination Mandates?

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We have the president of the United States, and we have seen this coming and have warned for months, giving a platform to the likes of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci (special interests) who have been, in fact, forecasting this since 2015 and 2017.

Now, it is the president himself who is pushing for the vaccination with the help of the United States military.

What begs the question is why would the President need to use the military if everyone is in agreement with the government’s assessment of this said virus (John 8:44)?  You don’t have to force health onto the people.  Why it is that anyone would want to force dangerous vaccinations upon others outside of the obvious reasons, to depopulate.   What’s even worse is to then receive one without putting up a lawful fight (Leviticus 19:19).

Why is The Defense Department Purchasing 500 Million ApiJect Syringes? Military Vaccination Mandates?

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